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Former BTOB member Ilhoon sentenced to 2 years in prison

Former BTOB member Jung Il-hoon has been sentenced to prison.

On the 10th, during trial held at 2pm, Chief Judge Cheol-han of the Seoul Central District Court sentenced Il-hoon to 2 years in prison for habitually smoking marijuana. The court also judged that Il-hoon was a flight risk and arrested him in court.

Il-hoon is accused of conspiring with 7 people from July 2016-January 2019 and remitting 133 million won of marijuana to the unnamed person 161 times. He's also accused of buying marijuana and liquid hemp and smoking 161 times within the same period.

Prosecutors had initially demanded 4 years in prison and a fine of 133 million won.

In his final statement, Il-hoon appealed for leniency stating, "I was under extreme stress while working in the entertainment industry at a young age. I tried to solve this in the wrong way and have vowed not to depend on it ever again."

sources: dailynaver, Sports Kyunghyang
Tags: btob, court / legal issues, ex-group members

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June 10 2021, 17:03:51 UTC 3 months ago Edited:  June 10 2021, 17:04:09 UTC

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I feel for him and his family and I obviously don’t believe that what he did makes him genuinely immoral by any stretch. But he has lived his entire life in a society where what he did is highly illegal, it has been for as long as this society has existed in its current form, and it has imperfect but decent reasons for being so. Unless he has a debilitating chemical addiction, which is unlikely if he was just smoking pot, he made his own decisions of his own accord apparently hundreds of times over. He had to have known what the consequences would be. I feel sad for him, but I also don’t know what else he could have expected.


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