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Teaser roundup featuring Han Seung Woo & Pink Fantasy

Ha Seung Woo "Fade" teaser pic

HAN SEUNG WOO 2nd Mini Album
[Fade] Image Teaser #Fade_Out_SPOILER🎤

2021.06.28 18:00#VICTON #승우 #SEUNGWOO #HANSEUNGWOO#Fade #다시_만나 #See_you_again pic.twitter.com/xr8PtxH35a

— VICTON(빅톤) (@VICTON1109) June 9, 2021</blockquote>

Pink Fantasy "Poison" Momoka & Miku teaser pics

source: VICTON1109 & pinkfantasy_kr 1 2
Tags: nugu, teaser, victon

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