waves_of_light (waves_of_light) wrote in omonatheydidnt,

The cast of "MAD FOR EACH OTHER" play games for Netflix

Things get a little crazy as MAD FOR EACH OTHER stars Jung Woo and Oh Yeon-seo battle it out to see who can get the other to do more missions. Among our favorites: an impromptu karaoke session, the return of a former K-pop idol, and an unexpected joint mission at the very end for double the cuteness! 🏓🏓

Do Jung Woo and Oh Yeon-seo get mad IRL as easily as they do in MAD FOR EACH OTHER? Find out which real-life situations bring on their wrath as the stars find out some interesting things about themselves and each other. Take a seat, get introspective, and play along!

source: The Swoon 1 2
Tags: actor/actress, drama

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