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BTS Round Up: "Film Out" Performance, Festa, Muster & "Butter" CD Release

BTS performed their new Japanese song "Film Out" for Count Down TV on Monday 14th June.

BTS' annual celebration "Festa" finished on Sunday 13th (their 8th anniversary). They released a little medley from theirs past albums.

On Sunday 13th and Monday 14th June, BTS performed for Muster "Sowoozoo" (their annual fan concert to close "Festa"). They didn't do it last year due to COVID-19, and this year, both concerts had no audience (South Korea eased restrictions on Monday, allowing 4 000 people to attend concerts and other cultural shows - it was below 100 people since late last year).
Their online concerts attracted over 1,33 million people from 195 regions.
Full translated article here.

On July 9th (ARMY anniversary) BTS will release the CD of "Butter" (a Peaches and a Cream versions) with a new additional song called "Permission To Dance". Will be included in this CD: a photobook, a photocard, an instant photocard, some stickers, a poster (first press only), some lyric cards, a photo stand and a message card.

To announce the CD, BTS released this Breaking News little clip at the end of the second Muster streaming.

Sources: BANGTANTV 1 | 2, Soompi via Naver,  BTS Official Twitter 1 & 2
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