camouflagecat (camouflagecat) wrote in omonatheydidnt,

유겸 (YUGYEOM) - '네 잘못이야 (All Your Fault) (Feat. GRAY)' Official Music Video + EP [Point Of View: U]

Source: AOMGOFFICIAL / Spotify / Mnet K-pop / gif

I think my opinion is the same re: Bambam vs Yugyeom: their vocals aren't quite strong enough to carry a whole album. I was gonna say the b-sides are better than the title but I think All Your Fault is maybe one of the better songs on the album... all the songs kinda blend into each other. What do you think omona?

Also not sure what I think about this whole aesthetic Yugyeom's going with... give me more proper dancing! That's your specialty boy!

Tags: album listening post, got7, mnet countdown, music video, solo debut

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