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OMG ARIN covers IU's “TWENTY-THREE” & donates 30M₩ (~26,500$) to commemorate her birthday!

Arin, a member of the girl group OH MY GIRL, gave a meaningful donation to commemorate her birthday.

According to WM Entertainment on the 18th (KST), Arin donated 30 million won ($26,500 USD) to the Beautiful Foundation to commemorate her birthday. The donation will be used to support the independence of young people who have been discharged from childcare facilities / foster care homes.

A young person placed 'out of protection’ refers to when they are discharged from a childcare facility or a foster care home at the age of 18. According to statistics, an average of 2,550 young people are placed ‘out of protection’ every year, making responsibility for their housing and livelihood theirs alone.

Arin said, "I decided to donate this donation to repay the love of my group members and fans who have been with me from minor to adult on my birthday."

Arin debuted in OH MY GIRL in 2015 and is active in various fields such as music, entertainment, and acting. Despite her busy schedule, she continues to participate in sharing and spreading her good influence. Recently, she donated underwear worth 16 million won ($14,142 USD) for elderly from low-income families and participated as a model in a public interest funding project to support abandoned animals with her dog, Ari.

The Beautiful Foundation has been supporting the career explorations and lives of young people who are no longer protected under the foster care system through the 'University Student Education Expense Support Project' since 2001.

SOURCE(s): oh my girl@youtube + star news (translation via u/good_witch_96@r/kpop)
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