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According to Korean Dramas: Hilarious dating advice NOT to follow

Need some help with your love life? Here’s a helpful guide to romantic advice you should NOT listen to, from none other than our well-meaning K-drama besties. Another important life lesson out of dramaland: having a lot to say about romance does not a love guru make! 🙉

The Swoon Seasons are a way for us to feature different ways we connect with our favorite K-dramas, whether that’s through the emotions they evoke or the way we experience life through the stories they tell. In Summer of Laughs, we celebrate how dramas bring us joy and brighten up our days, through humor that can be outrageous, goofy, witty, cheeky, smart, or all of the above!

Tag yourself, I'm The Jealous Saboteur. JK, I'm Weightlifting Fairy's Nanhee forever lol.

source: The Swoon
Tags: drama

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