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Short Soshi Video Roundup

Tiffany gives a shoutout for Pride Month, with performances of Into the New World. She also gives a special mention to Holland in her snippet! surprise OT9 version featured, Jessica's voice seems pretty clear here.

Sooyoung vlogs her time at Jeonju film festival, with her usual addition of mukbang. Love that she is slowly building up her actress career steadily.

Yoona finally releases the BTS of her Estee Lauder campaign, which was announced last year. Highlight is her singing Girls are Back at 1:08 and promoting the song to her crew.

Heize has a cooking segment, and invites Taeyeon to cook together. the 2nd part isn't subbed yet.

sources: NEON MILK, he sootory 더수토리, Yoona's So Wonderful Day, TheSoneSource

still waiting for Sunny's Idea Panda to be subbed. happy Pride month omona!
Tags: heize, lgbt / rights, social media/youtube, sooyoung, taeyeon, tiffany, yoona

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