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Monsta X mini-roundup - Monsta X Hearing, Gambler recording vlog, RSK The First Time

Monsta X Hearing Episode 1 - Shownu

The first episode of their new Universe Originals series, in which the members are interrogated about various questions and debates that fans want to ask.

'GAMBLER' Recording part.1

The First Time for RSK

In conjunction with their photoshoot for Rolling Stone Korea, Hyungwon, Jooheon and I.M discuss their first concerts, produced songs, solo performances and more. No Mercy will never die lmao

Source: UNIVERSE_OFFICIAL, starshipTV, Rolling Stone Korea

Whoever the new video editor is at Byulbae, you’re doing a great job sweetie <3 The members’ unprocessed voices sound even better than the recorded versions and now I really want to hear Jooheon’s guide for Gambler

Also I live alone so I’m by myself a lot these days and therefore don’t laugh out loud very much (it’s a thing, look it up!) But Shownu’s hearing, esp the last item, is the hardest I’ve laughed out loud in a long time 😂

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