tsubaki874 (tsubaki874) wrote in omonatheydidnt,

Dreamcatcher's Dami reveals self composed song 'Butterfly'

Just a heads up this song is dedicated and written for her late dog DdoDdo, so prepare for emotions.

Edit: Here is a rough translation of the song via Genius.
Source: Dreamcatcher official, Genius

Dami got a butterfly tattoo pre-Boca, and it was because a butterfly passed her window which never happened for her before and she took that as a sign that DdoDdo successfully crossed the rainbow bridge. 😭 I read the translation of the song and became a blubbering mess so.. yeah read with caution.

Omona how did you cope with your furry friends crossing the rainbow bridge? I used to have a lil Rottie and it took me at least 1 year to fully move on from her passing, she meant the world to me. I still regret not being able to request her ashes, I was too young at the time sadly.
Tags: dreamcatcher, music video

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