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Kara and Rainbow support SS501 for their encore concert.

Kara and Rainbow stand together on the concert stage of SS501.

Teammates Kara and Rainbow will demonstrate a family friendship on stage at the encore concert of SS501 both held in Seoul Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium two days on February 27 to 28.

SS501’s members want to create more meaningful performance and Junior Rainbow and Kara was specifically invited who did not have a chance to stand on stage together.

Kara and Rainbow said on the invitation “We are respect of SS501 can do together to stage a concert in itself is a great honor,” said “I’m up to the stage of introducing to show more shine”

Before, their Mini Album Vol 3 ‘Lupin’ will be first broadcasted on October 27 in MBC ’show! Music Core’, Kara will heading to the theater after this. You can see Rainbow from the show on September 28.

Meanwhile, SS501 is concentrating in practicing for this grand finale of Asia Tour ‘PERSONA’ encore concert.

Credit: 이언혁
English Translation:
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Knowing DSP, they'll probably make a comeback in the summer. Of next year.

Goodbye to the fiercness known as the Persona concert.
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