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Omona's Pick: 2021 2nd Quarter Kpop Favorites

Let's look back at our favorite Kpop releases during the second quarter of 2021 (April-June). Feel free to talk about your favorites including but not limited to title tracks or b-sides, MV/visual concept, live performances, choreography, etc.

Here are my personal favorites:

P1Harmony - Ayaya
This catchy b-side grabbed me and refused to let go.

P1Harmony - If You Call Me
I usually only put one song from each artist in my quarterly list, but I've been replaying this almost as much as Ayaya. It's the kind of R&B slow jam I wish some of my faves did.

Weeekly - 7 Days Tension
I didn't expect to like a CF song this much. They also just had their 1st anniversary!

Yu Seung Woo & SOLE - Come Over (Bunny & Guys OST)
A sweet and lighthearted duet.

Belated faves:

Baekhyun - Cry For Love
He cries for love, I cry for the lack of music while he enlists.

Source: P1Harmony 1, 2, 1theK, TOON STUDIO, BAEKHYUN
Tags: !omona exclusive, baekhyun, fnc entertainment, nugu, omona discussion, sole, weeekly, yu seung woo

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