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Ex-AOA Mina goes Instagram official with her boyfriend, accused of being a homewrecker

AOA's Mina has revealed her new boyfriend to a lot of controversy.

On the 26th, Mina shared a photo in a friendly pose with a guy captioned simply with "💗" emoji drawing the attention of fans. When a fan asked if she was dating, she replied, "yes" acknowledging that the photo was that of her lover.


Later, controversy arose that she met OOO through an affair and was pretending to be a victim using her status and depression as a shield. Immediately after the photo was posted, her boyfriend was revealed to have been in a relationship with another woman for 3 years and Mina knew this when she met him.

Contents of their DM's on IG were released on Pann that showed that Mina messaged him first to ask to draw for her when she knew he had a girlfriend as they were in a public relationship at the time (OP note: OMG how scandalous).

Mina: "Can I ask for a favor?"

OOO: "Sure, what kind of favor?"

Mina: "When you're free, can you do a drawing for me?"

OOO: "I learned sketching on my own not professionally so I'm not sure if you'll like it 😭."

Mina: "I saw your IG and you're really good. Is it too much to ask?"

OOO: "I'll do my best even though I'm embarrassed."

Mina: "Don't be. You and your girlfriend are so cute together so just draw something with mysterious love 💙. Let me know when its ready and I can pick it up."

OOO: "Ok, I'll let you know how long it'll take. I'll do my best."

Mina: "Ok, thank you 😊"

Katalks between OOO and his then girlfriend were released where OOO messaged his girlfriend saying "he was meeting up with a senior on the 25th." But when his girlfriend was not able to contact him, the next morning Mina posted his photo on her IG and he sent her (ex) a message saying "he was sorry."

Mina wrote a lengthy post on her Instagram and defended herself over the rumors explaining, "I'll be making my Instagram private soon and collected all the malicious comments you left for me and will be taking legal action. I contacted his ex to check all the false information and will sue her for the false comments and the insults from her father. Once again you've turned me into a perpetrator and the ex-girlfriend's father even contacted me through his [bf] cell phone. Just like I dated too, he dated someone for 3 and a half years, broke up and is now dating someone else. It's not for me to take responsibility for who gets hurt from the break up, that's between them. His mind is is his own and it's his choice. Why am I getting blamed for him breaking up with her to date someone else? And people saying if he breaks up with me, I'll post a self-harm photo and put on a show? You're going too far."

"Oh, and I'm putting on a show because I'm struggling? Take responsibility and pay for all your words. Why would I lie and put on a show about 10 years of suffering because of Jimin? That's nonsense. And how would I know about their katalks? Should I be checking his phone? That's his privacy. Did I cheat? I understand that she's having a hard time after the break up but when it comes to love and dating, we're all accountable for our actions. I uploaded that photo under mutual consent. Why do I have to hear all kinds of things from people around his ex? I was shocked to see the message her father sent to my boyfriend. He agreed to be in a relationship with me on his own free will. This is really hard for me too. Put yourself in my shoes and just think about it."

Two hours later, she shared another lengthy post writing, "If you think I did something wrong, then sue me. You're accusing me of lies saying I cheated and caused someone harm. Then sue me. His ex friend wrote on Pann too right? I'm going to do something about these false comments and posts. I'll meet up with an oppa from my agency and discuss how to move forward. He had already left her emotionally 3 years ago and met someone new. Does that mean all my exes aren't allowed to date?"

In the meantime, another netizen has come forward with allegations that Mina was a bully in the past (OP note: but I'm too lazy to post that and there's barely any evidence yet).

sources: dailynaver, OSEN, @kvwowv on Instagram
Tags: aoa, couple, ex-group members, rumour, social media/youtube

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