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Ex-girlfriend of former AOA Mina's new boyfriend comes forward with recipes

Follow up to this post

Hello, I've been dating Mina's boyfriend, Yoo, who was a big issue last weekend, for about 3 years.

After what happened, I thought deeply about how to deal with it, and I wrote this because I felt it was unfair what Mina and him posted. I thought it would be better to explain it myself.

First of all, I'll show you exactly what happened from the day Mina first sent DM to my then boyfriend, the day Mina and Yoo's photos were posted, and what him and I talked about.

1. June 10, 2021: First DM

This was the day Mina asked him to draw for her via DMs.

Around 2pm that day, he told me he received a DM from Mina, a celebrity, asking for a painting. I remember being so shocked that we both contacted her. That evening, he sent me those DMs (OP note: screenshots of the DM from the last post) on Katalk as a souvenir.

Until then, I never imagined Mina and him would get into a relationship like that. He bragged proudly to me about getting DM'd by her so I think he must’ve felt just like I did. I never once heard about him sending her DMs cheering her on after that or Mina's replies to him.

The attached DMs are all I got from him at the time.

2. June 24, 2021, 2:00 PM - Meet up with his army senior

At 2:00pm on the 24th, I walked him over to the station because he was going to Sinchon to meet up with an army senior of his so I came back home. He told me he was sleeping over to go drinking with his army buddies. Here are katalks of our conversation (OP note: screenshots are at the source).

You can see it was an ordinary conversation between a couple. I even gave him my AirPods so that he won’t be bored on his way there.

It’s honestly news to me hearing Mina say our relationship was on the rocks because I never once felt that or heard that from him. I’ll explain this in detail.

3. June 24 to 25, 2021 6:00 PM: Daily conversation

After he arrived at his senior army buddies place, we kept talking through katalks. Is this a conversation of a couple on the verge of a breakup? He was asking if I ate well and what I was doing as usual and so did I. There was nothing strange until he began contacting me less and less.

Please understand that the reason why I’m blurring this out is because its my personal contact info that also involves other people around me.

4. June 25, 2021 from 5:00: Call numerous times and he doesn't pick up

It was weird to me that he was sending katalks through 5pm the next day but wouldn’t pick up my calls. After that, even the katalks got less and less so I started feeling weird about the situation.

At first I was angry but then got worried since I couldn’t get hold of him. I've shared the katalks from that already so I’ll just show you my phone history instead (OP note: screenshots are at the source).

5. June 25, 2021 evening: Contact his friend.

I got worried when I couldn’t get in contact with him, so I contacted his friend who I knew and asked him to try contacting him. The friend called him directly after receiving my call, but he didn’t answer his phone call either. Please understand I can’t reveal his personal information since he’s not directly related to this, and I don’t have his consent to release it.

6. June 25, 2021 7:42 PM – He calls me back

Not long after his friend tried to call, he called me back. We talked for a while so I’ll just skip to the important parts because there’s no transcript of this.

Me: “what are you doing?”

Yoo: “I’m at the café talking with my army senior. We’re waiting for our senior right now.”

Me: “When are you coming”

Yoo: “I told you I’d stay one more day”

Me: “I’m having a hard time, can you come in today?”

Yoo: “I told you I’ll come back tomorrow. Am I not allowed to hang out with my friends?”

Me: “What do you mean? You know I never have a problem with you staying over to hang out with friends because I know you get depressed. Why couldn’t you at least get in touch with me.”

Yoo: “I’ve had some time to think.”

Me: “What do you mean all of a sudden?”

Yoo: “I think we have very different personalities.”

After he told me that, I was embarrassed because it’s not something he’s said to me before. We talked about this and that and then he told me he doubted me. Never once had he mentioned breaking up.

Yoo: “Anyway, I’ll be back tomorrow evening so we can talk then, not now.”

Me: “Can you come in the morning instead of dinner?”

Yoo: “I’ll come in the morning.”

Me: “It’ll be hard to wait without knowing when exactly you’re coming, can we set a time? It’ll make me feel at ease too.”

Yoo: “I’ll send you a katalk to tell you the time.”

7. June 26th, 12:00 PM - Found photo posted on Mina's Instagram

The next day, a foreign follower sent me their couple photo through a DM. After I saw it, I just sat and thought to myself for a long time before sending him a message on katalk.

All he said was "I'm sorry.".

Up until this happened, he never once tried to break up and you can see for yourself that he cheated on me suddenly then tried to apologize. Unfortunately, I don't have a transcript of the call, but you can see from katalks shared after the call that everything I told you is true.

That’s when my friend wrote a post on Pann and explained what happened with Mina and Yoo.

1. The part that him and Mina both contacted me and I didn't answer.

As far as I know, this is what he and Mina said on IG. I had a short conversation with Mina through IG DMs and he tried calling twice but I didn’t pick up. Also, one of his calls were made as if it was from a wrong number but it was cut off quickly.

I don’t know Mina’s cell phone number and I don’t pick up calls I don’t know so maybe she tried to call me through an “unknown” number. She wrote on Instagram that I unilaterally ignored her calls. But I never delete any phone records, DMs or Katalks.

And even if I intentionally didn’t pick up her calls, would you blame me?

2. The part about me "cursing" Mina in the DMs.

After the photo, we talked through DMs and I never once cursed her. I’m attaching DMs themselves.

Please note that at the time Mina visited my account, I had made it private out of fear of my personal information getting shared. I swear I didn’t manipulate anything I’ve shared with you. The part where I’m asking her to stop calling is because he had called me a lot. When I was talking to Mina he had called me twice already.

I'm attaching this photo to show you the date and time I sent the first DM to Mina. (OP note: screenshot at source)

3. The part about my father threatening Mina.

I saw that Mina corrected her post and said my father threatened and swore at her. She said “my father had threatened to kill her and called her a “whore, ___” My father doesn’t even know who Mina is or what group she belongs to.

And first off, that text was sent to my ex (Yoo), not Mina. And my father never once used “kill” or any dirty language used in those texts.

After the incident, my personal information started getting shared online and my father, who was angry and worried, sent me a text. Basically, in summary, he told me to delete the post and never post anything related to it on SNS anymore. Him writing, “check it in 10 minutes” meant to delete the post within 10 minutes and stay quiet. I was shocked seeing it misrepresented in the articles like it was a threat or something. His words “shut up and stay dead” is him saying “stay quiet like the dead” but I’ll admit that’s quite a hasty choice of words so I apologize for his harsh expressions.

Because of him and Mina, I’ve suffered a lot of damage so of course my dad got angry. Also, because of Mina’s post, a lot of articles were written like my dad did something wrong. How can any parent not get pissed seeing their child caught up in something that has blown up into such a huge issue?

4. Part about him being “bored” with me

I want to finish this with screenshots and katalks of what we wrote to each other. The blue one is him and pink is me and you can see through this time we were still lovey-dovey with each other. He has since left the app after this incident, and I’ve removed his name too. (OP note: screenshots at source)

I think I’ve said everything I wanted to say. Like I said, I wanted to write this with my own hands and talk about how unfair it made me feel. I feel relieved to be able to talk about it on my own like this.

Honestly, when that photo was first uploaded, I was in shock. But thanks to that shock, I was able to return to my daily life quicker. I’ve realized once again how many good people there are around me and will focus more on my life from now on. I want to express my sincere thanks to everyone that offered comforting words.

Thank you so much for reading my lengthy post.

edit: Added a Twitter thread with translated screenshots of their chats

sources: dailynaver, Pann, @ChaSanghyukie

tl;dr: her boyfriend of 3 years basically ghosted her for a celebrity
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