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Singles Magazine Interview - Nichkhun, Chansung, Junho

Translations for the interviews of Junho, Nichkhun and Chansung from the MCD Guyz shoot in Singles Magazine.


1.  Your current MOOD (while shooting)?

Chansung: It feels new. It’s the first time that I’ve done an editorial photoshoot at the same time as an MC photoshoot.

2.  I’m an idol that has MUCH of ____.
Chansung: I’m a hardworking type.

3.  Let’s call the state of mind we wish all Koreans in their 20s could have ‘M Spirit’. My M Spirit is..?
Chansung: ‘Mad’ itself! You must be crazy to be crazy

4.  A recently read book, or movie, or something else you are MAD about?
The Days of the Gyoo Jang Gak Librarian, Marriage is a Mad Thing. (thanks to hey_insomnia )

5.  My life’s best MUSIC, preferred music style?
Chansung: Brian McKnight’s ‘Never Felt This Way’. I think the style of music I seek keeps changing.

6. What kind of MAN am I?
Chansung: A man that thinks.

7. Something that you MUST DO this year with a close friend?
Chansung: 2PM, 2AM! I want to travel with them. Even just to Jeju Island…

8. Something you want to MAKE happen this year?
Chansung:  Be acknowledged! As a better musician, as a better man, as a better me.


“It’s not tiring at all. Rather, it’s really fun. I’m so happy to be together with 2AM. It’s been too long.” While the heart of the studio could be best described as ‘unpredictable and loud’, 2PM’s resident older hyung Nichkhun was off to the side, as if quietly surveying the situation on his own.

Although he may have politely said ‘no’, showing his hesitance when a staff member asked to video him on their iPhone while he was shooting his solo photos; he looks relaxed and happy now, just watching over the other members’ photoshoots.

Especially Nichkhun, who has a perfectly proportioned body, and an almost unrealistically bright, smiling face, is someone that’d be easily forgiven for being a bit ‘bad’ - but alas! Very UmChinAh-like, he was a kind prince whose deep sincerity seeped through his answers, causing us to feel even more awed by him. What could he be feeling in places like this, where commotion could easily continue until the early morning?

“[It’s okay] because we’re all here to work. I’m here to work, and the same goes for all the staff that are here. I don’t think it’s fair to say you must differentiate who is better and who should be the most considerate. I’m happy with this.”


1.How do you feel right now? (during the photoshoot)
Junho: Groggy... It is one o'clock in the morning and drowsiness struck me hard.

2.What kind of idol are you?
Junho: Serious type

3. Imagine about Koreans in their 20's, what principles should they bear in mind? What kind of  ‘M Spirits’  you've got?
Junho: Self-confidence System and they must know how to use it. (WTH are you talking about Junho baby???: Translator)

4. What are books or movies you currently MAD about?
Junho: Bernard Werber 's God  and the movie named 'The Good, the Bad, and the Weird'

5. The coolest song or style of music that you like
Junho: Daft Punk's Something About Us. I enjoy it since it makes me drowsy without a cause. 

6.What kind of man are you?
Junho: A person with masculinity.

7.In this year, what is the activities you think you will do with your friends.
Junho: Friends who were on Star Survival with me. I would like to have their album. 

8. What is your goal  this year?
Junho: I want to be far much better that the entire nation was surprised.

S: Janne, Cassina, Tik & Kagetsu rackerbaby K. @ 2pmalways.com
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