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Baek Ayeon Roundup

The album cover, track list and concept photos for Baek Ayeon's new mini album "Observe" have been released!


Track list:

1. 아무것도 하기 싫으면 어떡해 (title track - google translate tells me this means "What if you don't want to do anything?")
2. 외로 War
3. 삐뚤어질래
4. 그래서 요즘 생각이 많아
5. 환상
6. 아무것도 하기 싫으면 어떡해 (Inst.)


Ayeon has a credit for the lyrics on track 4! There is also some speculation regarding the sound over on, which was interesting to read so please check it out.

I've included my favourites of the concept photos here - see the links in the sources for more images.


Eden Entertainment has announced that Ayeon will be self-quarantining for 2 weeks due to an actor working with her on the musical "On Air - Spin off" testing positive for COVID-19:

This is Eden Entertainment.
We would like to announce that Baek Ayeon's promotional activities for the 5th mini album and the presenting on musical 'ON AIR - SPIN OFF' have been postponed.
Ayeon had been on the musical 'ON AIR - SPIN OFF' as an actress, last week. One of the actors who were present on musical were confirmed as COVID-19 cases on Tuesday, July 6th.
As soon as initial symptoms appeared for the confirmed case in the evening of July 5th, Ayeon and staff who were present on site carried out preemptive self testing as well as subsequent PCR testing even though health authorities have not formally requested an inspection.
All were found to be negative when the result were returned in the morning of July 6th.
The artist and staff currently are showing no symptoms whatsoever that indicate an infection, such as fevers or respiratory disorders. However, we have classified the artist as well as on-site staff that took part in the musical as close contacts and affected individuals undergo self quarantine for 2 weeks.
We would like ask all fans who have waited for Ayeon's comeback and the members of the media for your genereous understanding; detailed schedules for the resumption of Ayeon's activities will be provided following the conclusion of their self quarantine.
We will place the highest priority on the safety of our artist and staff.

So we will have to wait a little longer for her new album, but at least Ayeon and Eden Ent. staff are fine! 😥 The actor is NOIR's Kim Minhyuk, as Soompi reports - hopefully he will recover soon.

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