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YouTube to promote communication between Asian stars and fans

Only two years after launching, YouTube has become the leading video-sharing site among Korean netizens.

"Over the past two years, we've grown significantly, becoming a recognized media platform here with diverse localization strategies. YouTube now accounts for more than 31 percent of the total market share," said Lee Won-jin, YouTube Managing Director, JAPAC Global Accounts/Agency Development & Korea Sales and Operations, at a press conference in Seoul yesterday.

The ease in using the website has been a primary factor in its popularity. YouTube enables users to upload and view diverse types of videos online without having to go through much of a personal identification process or install additional programs like its local competitors Padora TV or MGOON do.

"We will try to create a new standard in the industry by quickly presenting innovative functions in the fast-changing internet environment. YouTube aims to provide users with best-possible experiences regardless of when, where and through which device its users access the website," said YouTube CEO and co-founder Chad Hurley, who participated in the press conference from California through real-time video telephone.

Hurley added that he is trying to make the site as local as possible and that YouTube hopes to continue seeing growth in Korea.

YouTube yesterday introduced their new "My YouTube" campaign, which is special to Asia. It is a channel dedicated to promoting active communication between stars and their fans.

"Currently, over 20 hours of videos are being uploaded every minute on YouTube. Amid the flood of videos, it has become hard for users to find those of their favorite stars. We came up with the campaign to enable users to get an easier access to star-related contents,"
said Sean Hyunwook Park, YouTube's Asia Pacific Marketing Manager.

Partnering with big-name entertainment companies including JYP Entertainment, FLUXUS Music and Japan's Avex Group, the channel features content related to about 20 musicians from the Asia-Pacific region. The list of featured Korean stars includes 2PM, 2NE1, BoA and Big Bang.

For details on "My YouTube" campaign, go to

Source: The Korea Herald
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