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BoA And NCT’s Taeyong To Be Judges On Mnet’s Upcoming Female Dance Crew Competition

BoA and NCT’s Taeyong will be judges on Mnet’s upcoming female dance crew competition show, “Street Woman Fighter” (literal title).
“Street Woman Fighter” is Mnet’s first-ever female dance crew survival program, where eight female dance crews that represent South Korea will appear on the show and compete to be the No. 1 time. The dancers will showcase various genres of street dance, including hip hop, waacking, locking, krumping, and breakdancing. Kang Daniel has been named as the show’s MC.
On July 6, Mnet confirmed, “BoA has joined ‘Street Woman Fighter’ as a judge and is currently in the middle of filming.” On July 8, Mnet confirmed, “NCT’s Taeyong has been named as a judge on ‘Street Woman Fighter’ and has begun filming.”
“Street Woman Fighter” is scheduled to premiere in the middle of August.

BoA - Eat You Up + Better

CL - Doctor Pepper + Hello Bitches

Jessi - Nunu Nana + Gucci

Hyuna - Crazy, I'm not cool + Lip & Hip

Sources: soompi (+ Naver 1, 2 + Newsen), Mnet 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
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