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G Market’s INSSAOPPA with Monsta X Minhyuk & Hyungwon ep. 1-3

Ep. 1 - Prologue

Minhyuk and Hyungwon feature in the new season of INSSAOPPA (인싸오빠), a Youtube variety series produced by Korean e-commerce marketplace G Market. In each episode, the members play characters in an unscripted skit (which inevitably becomes just Lee Minhyuk and Chae Hyungwon bitching at each other).

Ep. 2 - Mukbang Youtubers

Ep. 3 - Hanbok designers

Source: INSSAOPPA G [인싸오빠] 1 2 3

They’re barely even promoting G Market but this series is hilarious 🤣 these two have amazing chemistry/improv skills and the b-style editing is awesome

‼️‼️‼️ Question for anyone who's interested, would you prefer a MX interview roundup or separate posts for each one? I've got four (@_@) lined up, two are more or less ready to go, the others are going to take a couple more days, but I’m debating whether to post them together or not.
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