broadcities (broadcities) wrote in omonatheydidnt,

SF9 promoting "Tear Drop" on The Show, Show Champion & MCountdown


Ft. Zuho working a man bun and Yoo Taeyang solidifying himself as king of boleros/cropped jackets

Scramble for the thumbnail (eng sub)
For Mcountdown, they had to try to push out a tear within 30 seconds while being annoyed by the other members. Lots of dissing ensues.

Show Champion ft. Yoo Taeyang ending fairy (with the weirdest baby sounds??)

The Show ft. Dawon & Inseong as cute ending fairies

Source: Mnet Kpop 1, 2All The Kpop, The Kpop

The styling budget was clearly put into the first week of promotions... Can you shed a tear on cue within 30 seconds, Omona?
Tags: mnet, mnet countdown, music show, sf9, show champion, the show

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