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Flashback Friday

What’s up party people? Every week I check the charts for this day in the past and share the top three songs. Then I pick out two more from the top ten as honorable mentions. This week, we are going back to the 3rd week in July, 2016. Both of the honorable mentions today have nods to a certain Wes Anderson movie. Can you tell which one?

#3 EXO “Monster”
This is one of the singles from the group’s “Ex’Act” album, released simultaneously in both Korean and Mandarin. The song would be the group’s first number one on Billboard’s World Charts. Domestically, it would also peak at top spot, and the song would get nine music show wins, the most wins for a boy group in 2016. I’ve never seen the MV before, but I do know I’ve heard the song. This is where the “thats right my type” tag comes from, right? I never realized it was this song lol!

#2 Taeyeon “Why”
She had a very busy 2016. This was the title track from her second EP of the same name. The album would peak at the top spot. Taeyeon would also tour with this album, her first solo tour. Here’s her very summer vibes MV. I miss road trips through the dessert. I think I got this video mixed up with the other single from this album. I kept expecting Dean to pop up lol.

#1 Sistar “I Like That”
Summer Queens we miss you! This was the lead single from the group’s fourth and final EP. The album would debut at #3, while the song would debut at #1. It was their eighth straight number one charting song. Here they are looking and being super hot in the music video. This would be their last summer jam, the following year they gave us a goodbye song =(

Honorable Mentions

#7 EXID “L.I.E”

This was the single from the group’s first full album, “Street”. The album would debut and peak at the #2 spot. This would be their only Korean release in 2016. I haven’t listened to this song in a long time, I’d forgotten how much I liked it. The all also look really good in this MV, I love Solji’s hair here. It’s kind of weird that they just throw a second of the choreo at the end though.

#9 Baek A Yeon “so-so”
This was her follow up to her huge surprise breakout hit “Shouldn’t Have”, that was released a year before. This song was also pretty successful, and would peak at the #1 on all the charts. I remember this! I really liked this MV, it’s really pretty. Her new album (her first in 2 ½ years) was supposed to be released a few days ago. Unfortunately, it has been postponed while she is under self-quarantine due to contact with someone who is COVID positive.

source: SMTOWN 1 2, starshipTV, EXID_OFFICIAL, JYP Entertainment & soompi
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