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Learn Chinese with Super Junior-M + Henry's & Donghae's birthdays celebration

+ newly released footage of Han Geng and his Buzz Lightyear backpack at the airport. Face actually visible this time!

From the Super Girl Japanese version DVD:

credit: k34won

HG: Hello everyone, we are Super Junior-M!
DW: Hello, I’m Donghae. It’s been a long time~
KH: Hello, I’m Kyuhyun.
SW: Hello, I’m Siwon.
HG: Hello everyone, I’m the Chinese member, Han Geng.
RW: Hello, I’m Ryeowook.
ZM: Hello everyone, I’m Super Junior-M’s new Chinese member, Zhou Mi.
HR: Hi, I’m Super Junior-M’s new Chinese member, Henry.
Everyone: Itadakimasu~ (sort of like… “Thank you for this food”)
HR: This is a Chinese dish, suān là tāng. It’s, uh… “sweet and sour” soup. How do you say sweet and sour soup in Korean? Sweet… sweet and sour. *adorable* (note: "suan la tang" is actually hot and sour soup, not sweet and sour. Silly Henry~ :P Thanks to kyube!)

HG: In China, there are a lot of different kinds of food… every place you go has different tastes.
SW: Where is this food from?
HG: Shanghai.
SW: Shanghai?
DH: I’m not sure what to eat.
ZM: Shanghai crab.
SW: Han Geng will explain how to eat it.
DH: You’ve eaten it before?
HG: You eat here…there’s a lot of miso. (note: miso here means this miso-like paste that is found inside of crabs.)
ZM: You eat the crab-miso. Usually, you use a tool to take out the insides. But we don’t have a tool, so we are using our hands.
DH: Is it delicious?
HG: It’s really good.
RW: Delicious~
ZM: This is the most delicious part of the crab~ Do you like it?
??: There’s no miso…
ZM: This yellow colour.
??: There isn’t even a little.
HR: Me too.
ZM: In China, there are a lot of delicious things. When you eat delicious things.. “tai hao chi le!” (It’s too delicious!)
HG: Put feeling into it.
ZM: “Tai hao chi le~”. In China, when you eat crab, you always say this. “Delicious!”
HG: It’s really recommended in Shanghai.
ZM: Yangcheng crab, right?
DH: Cheers.
HR: Delicious. Delicious~
KH: I am a Japanese expert. Shopping phrases are okay.
DH: What?
KH: "Shitaku dekimasu ka?" (Lit. "Can I get ready?" but he's trying to say "Is it okay to try this on?" Thanks sketchglitch!)
DH: “How much is it?”
KH: “Is it okay to try this on?”
RW: Ohh, it’s my first time seeing this.
ZM: This is dòufuhuā.
RW: What’s that?
??: Sun du bu. (Korean.)
HR: If you come to China… No matter what country you go to, the phrase you need to remember is is “ce suo zai nar?” (厕所在哪儿, "Where is the bathroom?")
ZM: Every place has its native food, so the phrase you should remember is “zui hao chi de shi shou me?” (“What’s the best to eat?”) Then you can eat the recommended food. How do you say it in Korean? What?
SW: (Korean.)
ZM: (repeats the Korean.) This is the phrase.
RW: I love Chinese food. Japanese food and Chinese food are both delicious.
HG: Yeah, they are. There’s a lot of variety.
RW: I like gyoza.
HG: Say it in Chinese. … After you eat, okay?
DH: Right now, we’re all talking in Chinese.
RW: “Wo xihuan zhong guo cai.” (“I like Chinese food.”)
HG: The price of Chinese food in Beijing is expensive, but you can say “make it cheaper” to haggle. “Pian yi dian er ma?” So when you come to China, when you go shopping, definitely try to bargain and negotiate. Say “pian yi dian er ma?” It’s simple.
ZM: You can use that.
HG: You can use it anywhere.
SW: When you use a taxi, to the driver, say “ting yi xia” (stop/pause) and the driver will stop for you.
KH: Everyone comes to China and thinks about shopping, but if you are taken lightly, it’ll end (the bargaining HanGeng was talking about.) If you ask the shop keeper to bargain, become angry and … “tai gui le” (expensive.) Say this with an angry feeling, and you won’t be taken lightly. He’ll think “don’t do that,” and he’ll give you a discount. Say this rapid fire “tai gui le, pian yi dian er ma” (It’s expensive, make it cheaper?) Use these consecutively.
DH: If a Japanese person is sightseeing or something when they visit, you might meet a Chinese person of the opposite sex. If this person has a good feeling, say “ni hen piao liang” (you’re very pretty) to a pretty person. If they let this develop more, say "Gao su wo ni de dian hua hao ma?” (Tell me your phone number?). And start listening for their number.
DH: The meal is finished~ Today, we are came here… to have a concert in front of fans. Look forward to it. Ganbarimasu! (We’ll do our best!)
RW: Ganbarimasu~!
DH: Let’s go!
HG: *is a dork*

TN: translated the Japanese subtitles, and I'm still learning, so I apologize if things are off. If there are any mistakes, let me know, please! There are also a few places where I'm pretty sure what is being said in Korean/Chinese doesn't completely match the Japanese subtitles (Kyuhyun's part, mostly.) I translated Henry and Donghae's birthday party in the comments of the previous post.

xelfishx helped me with the Chinese :3 So a big thank you to her! I'm still missing Zhou Mi's Korean so if you know it, please let me know ^^

Super Junior-M celebrating Henry's and Donghae's birthdays

credit: k34won

(starting at 0:38)
SW: That was suprising!
RW: I can’t do it!
DH: Just try it and see!
DH: Eh, why did it go out?!
Everyone: *stares at Kyuhyun*
RW/Everyone: Congratulations!
DH: *in Japanese* Purezento~ (present)
SW: To Henry and Donghae… arigatou, omedetou (thank you, congratulations)
HR: Arigatou gozaimasu~ (thank you very much)
DH: But because I’m the older brother, there should be a difference, right?
SW: Open it and see, please.
DH: Your thoughtfulness has made us very happy. From here, we'll continue with all of our effort to do our best! Thank you.
HR: Um, I’m really thankful… *switches to English*
HR + DH: Arigatou gozaimasu~ (Thank you very much~)
RW: I’m going to give a present~... Where did he go? Donghae, present~
SW: Zhou Mi~ Kirei desu ne~ (Pretty/nice, huh?)
ZM: Pretty. Handsome~
SW: Sugoi yo~ (Awesome~)
RW: On the third album, there is a song of my composition. “Love U More.”
DH: (gibberish, lol. I heard the word ‘kirei’ which means pretty, but that’s about all I could pick out.)
RW: Please listen to it many times. I wrote the lyrics… And I made the melody, the arrangement, it was me who was in charge.
DH: (still speaking unsubtitled gibberish :( )
RW: I don’t know if you’ll get the feeling, but…
DH: I don't know.
RW: Please support it.
DH: Hontou ni aishiteru~ (I really love you~)
KH: How was the DVD?
DH: Even with our Chinese activities, we were allowed to record this. Please love it a lot~
HG: Let's meet in Japan. We are Super Junior-M!

TN: I was going off the Japanese subtitles, so some stuff may be off with the Korean/Chinese, and I may have made a few mistakes anyway ^^;

Han Geng and his Buzz Lightyear backpack at Beijing Airport fancam (face is visible!):

credit: beehoney88

Credits: onewhomust for traslations, xelfishx for the Chinese/pinyin, kyube and sketchglitch for corrections; k34won for DVD videos, & beehoney88 for fancam

I miss them and their silliness.
Tags: hankyung / ex-suju members, interview, super junior-m

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