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Shownu gets ready for enlistment & Monsta X video roundup

Tags: army, eat like your faves, monsta x

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July 22 2021, 04:58:08 UTC 2 months ago Edited:  July 22 2021, 04:58:32 UTC


I AM IN TEARS since yesterday and now ;;;; I haven’t had the time to comment here but been busy bawling on Twitter lmao

All the boys are there to send him off and JOO GRIPPING HIS ARM 😭😭😭😭
My kidsssss

These two are 100% going through some separation anxiety as we speak ^_T
Jooheon's fancafe post made me bawl again

i was hoping for a group vlive, but i think there would be too many tears shed lol
Oh god that was a gut punch + Kihyun being a sweetheart trying to cheer people up 🥺
It’s kind of reassuring though to know that they’re just as much in their feels about all this as we are lol. Shownu’s probably coping the best out of everyone lmao, bless his peaceful soul ♥️

I thought about that too! But yeah it would’ve been a mess lolol idk if they could’ve handled it
I’m calm from all the tears but boy is one of the few idols who look GREAT with the military hair lmao
He looks amazing

I cannot believe he’s actually leaving, I’m legit more upset than when my college boyfriend enlisted lmaooo (and jfc that haircut is giving me flashbacks)
I wonder if the snorers cried when he left lol. It's almost two, he must be waiting to report at the enlistment center right now 🥺 it's really happening
Eat well, stay safe, and stay strong, bb ❤️🐻❤️

[I posted this in the other thread last night but it bears repeating]

Also random q was hilarious but I am NOT in the mood rn lmao

Omg minhyuk 😭😭

Serve well!

I'm curious when the other members will go, MX are very close in age so I can't see them spreading it out too much

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