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It's a great day to be an ATINY — San recovers from COVID and Mingi returns to activities

Earlier in the month, the ATEEZ members were found to be a close-contact of a positive COVID-19 case and were required to go into quarantine. San was revealed to have tested positive on July 9. The other members tested negative but were required to undergo a 14-day quarantine. During this time, the members updated us frequently on Twitter, their fancafe, and through Vlives.

More information about their quarantine and what was required of them can be found at this link.

Additionally, Mingi has returned! He was on an eight month hiatus due to experiencing anxiety. The news was announced on ATEEZ's 1000th day since debut, which made the day extra special for all of us. :) We were able to see him in their gift video for fans (but unfortunately as San was still quarantining separately, he wasn't able to participate.)

More information about Mingi's return can be found at this link.

As of tomorrow, the full group will resume their activities. 8 makes 1 team!

Sources: @ATEEZofficial on Twitter 1 | 2
ATEEZ Daum Cafe 1 | 2
ATEEZ Official YouTube Channel 1

I know this entire post reads like a diary entry but I'm just so happy about everything that I wanted to make a post.
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