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Big Bang wins Best New Artist at 24th Japan Gold Disc Awards

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Big Bang wins the Rookie Award at the “Gold Disk Awards” in Japan.

On February 24th according to the Recording Industry Association Big Bang was nominated under the “Best 5 New Artists” category. Gold Disk awards were based on the sales of albums from last year.

Big Bang who debuted last year in Japan with their single “My Heaven“, after that “GARA GARA GO!” and lastly ”Koe Wo Kikasete“, rose to fame when all of their singles entered the top 5 spots on the Oricon album chart. After having such an impact in Japan and good reaction from the public, they have won the rookie award.

Source: spn.edaily.co.kr
Translation: alee @ iBigbang

This is their third Best New Artist award from Japan. The other two are from 42nd Japan Cable Awards and 51st Japan Record Awards. So proud!  ♥
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