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Weki Meki Roundup: 4th Anniversary activities, SNSD Cover, Elly's Birthday, +more

With Kiki - A Game A Day Part 1

Full 4th Anniversary Concert Livestream

0:16 - Picky Picky | 12:12 - Tiki Taka | 15:30 - Dazzle Dazzle | 22:30 - Cool | 26:02 - Oopsy | 29:18 - La La La
1:02:50 - The Paradise | 1:05:55 - Neverland | 1:45:43 - Sweet Dreams | 1:49:21 - Whatever U Want

Lua (BTS - 00:00)

Suyeon (Why Don't We - Fallin)

Idol Live Performances


Whatever U Want

SNSD Party cover @ Mcountdown

Sweet Dreams Dance Practise - Rehearsal Behind

sources: Weki Meki (2, 3, 4), 5, 이창미니, 우유한잔, nickelodeon movies swedish (2), Mnet K-Pop (2)

we made it to 4 years!! happy anniversary!!!
their new styling isn't my favourite but it has a very definitive look and i hope that means a comeback is on the horizon! i know a bunch of them have been busy with acting adventures but it's been 10 months since cool, the longest we've had to wait between comebacks :( at least we've had fairly consistent content in the meantime
Tags: anniversary, birthday, concert, cover, dance video/practice, weki meki

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