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1N2D to head to North Korea! + Antarctica trip update

The 1N2D crew is getting ready for another special trip after their visit to Antarctica. They will be going to their neighboring country, North Korea!

The PD of Happy Sunday was interviewed by EDailySPN recently where he expressed, “In 2008, we were planning to film 1N2D at the city of Gaesung in North Korea. We had a good chance of going, but because of the shooting incident at Geum Gang San, it was cancelled. This year, we have decided that we will make a trip to North Korea after our Antartica special.”

The PD then said, “If you think about it, it is harder to go to North Korea than Antarctica, which is farther away. We were sad that we had to go to Baek-du San through China. This trip to the communist country will be the longest we ever had.”

1N2D's failed Antarctica site recce

KBS2TV weekend variety ‘Happy Sunday – 1 Night 2 Days’ plan for their initial exploration of Antarctica on the 9th of March has failed, it was revealed belatedly.

‘1N2D’ aims to become the first variety show in Korea’s history to film at the King Sejong station in Antarctica. They will meet the Koreans staying there and aim to share the natural beauty of the extremely cold Antarctica with the viewers at home who are watching from their living room.

During their 1N2D filming at Tongyeong, in Gyeongnam on Feb 19th, the PD-in-charge, Na Young Seok, admitted to reporters that they had traveled to do a pre-filming exploration at the start of the month, but had to return without landing on Antarctica itself.

“Actually we couldn’t go all the way to Antarctica, but returned after reaching Chile,” said Na PD, surprising reporters. This news, that even before the Lunar New Year arrived, Na PD together with some production members attempted a pre-film exploration but failed eventually, shocked everybody.

Na PD said, “We travelled 36 hours from Santiago to Punta Arenas in order to catch a plane to Antarctica, but there was a strong blizzard in Antarctica, so we couldn’t fly.” He added, “We continued to wait for 1 week but flights continued to be canceled. We couldn’t stay there indefinitely so we returned to Korea eventually.”

What would happen if this situation repeated itself when it was the actual trip involving the 1N2D members? Na PD replied, “Of course that’s entirely possible. It’s impossible to predict the weather anyway. However, if we can’t land on Antarctica, we will still continue with film along the concept of ‘1N2D’.” “The optimistic news about this, mentioned by one of the experts who accompanied us during the pre-film exploration trip, is that even if there is a blizzard, it usually stops after 1 or 2 days. It is quite rare for a blizzard to continue for one week, like what happened to us. We intend to give a standby period of 2~3 days if there is a blizzard and has confirmed on a filming schedule.”

It’s less than 2 weeks to the day of departure (March 9th). From now on the preparations for set off is in full momentum. Na PD said, “The people at King Sejong station are also anticipating our arrival after hearing about our trip. Whenever someone is sent to stay there, they have to stay for at least 1 year. Thus we feel that if we go there we can provide some sparks to their stay there.”

Also, regarding the safety concerns of the members, he said, “Should they happen to fly midway from Punta Arenas to Antarctica and then turn back because of blizzards in Antarctica, that will be regarded as them having no opportunity to be in the extreme cold (of Antarctica).” He added, “Whether it’s the members or the staff, for every recording we always think of it as our last broadcast episode. Thus for this upcoming Antarctica trip, we are all treating it as if it was our last recording. The latest failed pre-film exploration trip will be treated as something that will help to  ward off bad luck in the future (of the possibility of failing to land on Antarctica), so that the actual filming can be carried out smoothly.”

sources: akp + 1n2d fansubs

Second article is pretty much tl;dr. The point is that the trip to test out the itinerary failed, but they will still be proceeding with the actual trip. I wonder what their back-up plans are, should they be unable to land on Antarctica...
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