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[TRIGGER WARNING] Kris Wu official arrested on suspicion of r*pe in China

Follow-up to this post.

Global Times, an English-language Chinese newspaper under the People’s Daily, reported on August 16, “‘Chinese-Canadian pop idol Kris Wu Yi Fan has been arrested on suspicion of r*pe,’ Beijing’s Chaoyang District prosecutors said in a statement on Monday.”

Kris Wu made his debut through EXO in 2012, but he departed the group in 2014 due to issues involving his contract with SM Entertainment. After arbitration in court, SM Entertainment and Kris Wu reached a settlement in which his contract with SM Entertainment would remain valid until 2022, as per his original contract.

Having been promoting as a singer, actor, model, and producer in China, Kris Wu was detained by Beijing police on July 31 for suspicion of r*pe. The artist has been accused of sexual abuse by 19-year-old student Du Meizhu. Du Meizhu has stated that there are many other victims besides herself, including other minors.

Kris Wu immediately denied the accusations, but brands who had appointed Kris Wu as their model quickly broke ties with him, and his official social media account was deleted following his detainment.

While the investigation is ongoing, another person claiming to be a victim of sexual abuse by Kris Wu emerged in the United States. On August 11, US-based Chinese news site The China Press reported that a Chinese woman living in Los Angeles, referred to as “A,” recently visited attorney Jing Wang to request legal support, claiming to have been sexually abused by Kris Wu a few years ago.

Chinese exchange student “A” had not yet been 18 years old by international reckoning at the time she had participated in Kris Wu’s Los Angeles fan meeting. “A” exchanged WeChat IDs with Kris Wu, and she was allegedly sexually abused the second time they met.

Source: Naver and Global Times via Soompi

His stans are vile. Don't read the Soompi comments (although some are definitely outraged).
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