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Day6's Young K announces first solo album 😊 and enlistment plans 😥

Updated August 16 KST:

Young K is confirmed to make a solo debut!

In response to the previous report, JYP Entertainment commented on August 16, “It is true that Young K is preparing a solo album.”

Regarding the timing of the release, the agency explained, “The detailed schedule has not been determined yet. The schedule will be announced once it is confirmed.

Original Article:

Young K is reportedly gearing up for his solo debut!

On August 16, an industry representative reported that the DAY6 member is preparing to release his first solo album in September.

JYP Entertainment has yet to comment regarding the report.

Young K debuted as a member of DAY6 in September 2015 and with the sub-unit DAY6 (Even of Day) in August 2020. Having participated in writing almost all of the group’s songs, he currently has over 130 songs registered with KOMCA (Korea Music Copyright Association). Young K has also been a DJ of “DAY6’s Kiss the Radio” since November 2020.

Stay tuned for updates!

DAY6’s Young K will begin his mandatory military service in October.

On August 16, Young K held a V Live broadcast where he talked about his recently announced solo album and shared with fans that he will be enlisting in the fall.

In the broadcast, he said, “As you could tell from the title of the broadcast, I will be releasing a solo album. I’m making my solo debut. The album’s title is ‘Eternal.’ The news was announced today. A lot of people are asking why I’m already preparing a new album. I really wanted to share the news about the solo album with fans as soon as possible.”

He continued, “It’s only been two months since we released our sub-unit album, so why am I releasing a new album so soon? Many people are already aware of this, but it has come time for me to fulfill my national defence duties. That will be in October. I will be leaving in October, so I’m working hard to prepare as fast as possible in order to show fans as much as I can before I go. Let’s laugh and smile as much as we can. I wanted to show a good side of myself in order to make a lot of people happy.”

He concluded, “So let’s not be too sad about this. I’m going to work hard so that we can smile as much as possible, so please don’t worry too much.”

Young K also revealed that he had been accepted into KATUSA, the Korean Augmentation Troops to the United States Army. This is a branch of military service that requires applicants to demonstrate a high degree of fluency in English. It has been reported that Young K’s official enlistment date is October 12.

Young K will be the second member of DAY6 to enlist after Sungjin enlisted in March.

Source: @soompi 1, @soompi 2; Naver (1, 2) via Soompi; Naver, Topstarnews and vlive via Soompi
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