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Baek Ayeon's 5th mini album "Observe" will be released on September 7


Eden Entertainment has finally announced a new release date for Baek Ayeon's 5th mini album "Observe": September 7! The album was originally supposed to be released in early July, but got delayed due to Ayeon being in quarantine after an actor on the set of her musical tested positive for COVID-19 (more info here).

Here's the comeback scheduler:

08.23 Photo Diary
08.24 Album Pre-order
08.25 Special Photo 1
08.26 Special Photo 2
08.27 Special Photo 3
08.31 MV Teaser
09.01 Lyric Toon
09.02 Highlight Medley
09.03 Album Preview
09.07 Album & MV Release

Finally! It feels like I have been waiting FOREVER for them to announce the new date.

Source: Baek Ayeon's vlive channel
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