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Flashback Friday

Hello. Something different for this week’s Flashback Friday. Back to regular posts next week, I promise. But I’ve been doing these posts every week since 2016, and sometimes I need a break. So this week I wanted to do a throwback to idols on variety shows. In particular, Running Man. And female idols on Running Man. I’ll get around to the men when I feel like it ugh boys next time.

Running Man is a game/variety show on KBS that has been on for 11 years, it is the longest running variety show in Korea. The cast and their guests compete to win missions, and at the end the show winners get a prize/are exempt from a punishment. There have been plenty of idols that have been on the show since 2010, so I can’t include them all. And this is no particular order. It’s just a few of my personal favorite moments and stuff that I could find subbed on YouTube lol. Hopefully you'll find these clips fun too.

Ailee, August 31, 2014.
“I Will Show You” is not one of my favorite Ailee songs. But I always think she sings it well. Even on a damn roller coaster! For this mission, Ailee teamed up with Gary and had to sing karaoke on a roller coaster. They had to finish with at least a score of 90 to get off the ride. If I remember correctly, it took them 4 rides to finally achieve that 90. Here’s a look at their first attempt, where Ailee recovers well and finishes up strong. Gary is of no help lol.

APink Bomi, October 15, 2017.
Bomi is one of Running Man’s most frequent guests, with 13 appearances. In at least three of those episodes, she’s kicked ass. Literally. Bomi has a third degree black belt, and Running Man loves inflicting pain to each other. Put the two together and you have clips like this. Like, I like Shin Sung Rok, but I laugh every time. He shouldn’t have doubted her! This wasn’t even a part of a game. They were just like “kick Kwangsoo” lol.

Gfriend Yerin, March 8, 2015.
In this clip, Haha and Jihyo get to decide who goes first for the next game. They decide with a dance contest. Fresh off the success of “Up & Down”, Hani kicks it off. She is followed by actresses Yoon Sohee, Nam Jihyun, and Jung Somin. But it is Gfriend’s Yerin that steals the show. It’s the switch up lol! All that idol training kicked in instantly.

Jessi, April 26, 2015 & August 2, 2020
Jessi is always fun on Running Man for two reasons: her rapport/discord with Yoo Jae Suk, and her inability to understand how any of the games work. Like, she’s been confused in every episode she’s guested in. Doesn’t matter if it’s in 2015 or 2020…if they are playing a game, Jessi will be like “can we practice first?”. And lots of frustration. On both sides. On everybody’s side lol.

Sistar Bora, July 10, 2016 & July 15, 2018
During the introductions, Dasom draws a line with Kwangsoo while Bora gets protective of her partner. Honestly, the real MVP is a scary Soyou…did you see Jihyo’s face? Lol! Later in the episode, Kwangsoo untimely picks his partner Bora. Honestly, our Summer Queen should be the ones doing the picking. 2 years later, Bora appeared on the show again. This time with actress Han Eunjung and Blackpink’s Jisoo and Jennie. They had to make an acrostic poem using names. Bora skipped her own partner, instead choosing Kim Jongkook’s name...and just went for it lol.

Girls’ Generation, July 5, 2015
Girls’ Generation have appeared on the show many times, but this appearance is one of my favorite episodes. Like, the entire episode was fun. 2015 was a top tier year for Running Man tbh. Anyways! This was one of the games they played this episode, and it’s so much fun! Mainly because of Sooyoung and a surprise SHINee Minho. But mainly Sooyoung lol. It’s also a good ol’ fashioned Running Man chase game!

The Idol Episode, September 8, 2013
One of those instances where “iconic” is an absolute deserving description. This episode featured the Running Man cast partnering up with an all idol cast. Haha with Infinite’s L & Sungkyu, Gary with Apink’s Naeun & Eunji, Jihyo with Beast’s Giwang & Doojoon, Yoo Jae Suk with Girls’ Day Minah & Yuna, Kwangsoo with MBLAQ’s Lee Joon & Seungho, Kim Jongkook with Sistar’s Dasom & Hyolyn, and Seokjin with 2PM’s Chansung & Wooyoung. Here’s the show opening.

..the first two games of this episode are also subbed in case anybody is interested. Still so great to watch the idols interact and have fun together, even after all these years! I think I vaguely remember seeing fan taken pics from the water at the blob part lol. It's been 8 years!

source: Running Man SBS, Bermie Domingo, NirochAnchor, sNack!, SBS Running Man, 스브스 예능맛집, SBS NOW / SBS 공식 채널
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