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Meet Korea's Pat & Mat! ONF's E-Tion and SF9's are Udangtangtang Friends (Clumsy Friends) (season 1)

The past few months ONF's E-tion and SF9's Jaeyoon separately have been going slightly viral on Korean portal sites for their clumsy crafty and cooking vlives. Korean netizens wanted them to meet and be clumsy together, dubbing them Pat (E-tion) and Mat (Jaeyoon): they share clumsiness, their birth year ('94) and their MBTI type (INFP). Idollive brought them together for a 10 episode show that is filled with misplaced confidence, failure and awkward chemistry.
The show was released through the Idollive app over the summer and posted to their youtube channel a few days later.

Episode 1: intro + managing a café

Episode 2: cooking

Episode 3: making scary dolls

Episode 4: managing a kindergarten (pt. 1)

Episode 5: managing a kindergarten (pt. 2)

Note: this episode features former Stray Kids member Woojin. He is not in the episode a lot and the rest of the episode is very sweet, but just warning you in case you do not want to see him.

Episode 6: managing a guesthouse

Episode 7: a horror experience with the guesthouse guests

Episode 8: (not) making a grill

Episode 9: Camping pt. 1 (ft. ONF's Wyatt)

Episode 10 (finale): Camping pt. 2 (ft. ONF's Wyatt)

Behind 1

Behind 2

Q&A and folding a tent for Elle Korea


Season 2 announcement!

Season 2 of Udangtangtang friends will start airing in september this year! One of the episodes will feature SF9's Yoo Taeyang, as announced below:

Source: Idollive Youtube 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 | Elle Korea Youtube, pictures | Idollive Twitter

I loved Pat and Mat as a child so this was a very fun crossover! What would you like to see Pat and Mat challenge next?
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