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Insider reveals NCT managers often caught Lucas "sneaking out" to meet women

An insider has come forward with even more claims about NCT's Lucas.

On the 26th, a Chinese netizen A revealed testimony on Weibo that he had previously worked with Lucas and heard many stories from managers on how they suffered due to Lucas' reckless behavior.

A revealed, "In 2019, Lucas and his manager had a big fight with each other and didn't speak for a while. At the time, his manager' criticized Lucas for his extravagant life and Lucas got so angry that they got into a big fight and Lucas didn't speak to his manager for a long time. The fight had a huge effect on the other staff members as well."

A further revealed, "the managers in charge of NCT members are upper-middle-class people with relatively high positions within SM Entertainment but they suffered a lot because of Lucas. Lucas often snuck out and enjoyed dating with many women and they also had to deal with his many sasaengs."

Meanwhile, on the 25th, Lucas and SM posted apology letters admitting to "scam date" controversies and announced Lucas will be suspending all activities.

Source: @dailynaver, Top Star News via Daily Naver
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