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Dangerously sultry on stage, BEG says theyre sweetie pies IRL

Seated on a plush sofa in a nail salon in Dempsey Road, the four members of Korean girl band The Brown Eyed Girls take a short break from cheering fans and the rigours of polishing the dance moves that made them popular. 

Jea: The 'hot, modern and sexy' image was for the third album, just part of the concept. On the stage, we will express our best, but in normal life we are warm hearted and kind girls." 

Rapper Miryo: When doing rap, I have to be very powerful. But in normal time, I am very lady like." 

The real "kid" in the group is Ga-in, 23, introduced unanimously by the others as the "baby": It surprises me that on stage I am the one with a very sexy image.. Now, I want to be very cute. One or two years later, when I'm older, I can't keep on being called cute." 

The girls also say they have no significant others at the moment, a state of affairs Miryo comically illustrates by saying: "On Valentine's day, we gave chocolates to our manager." She also mentions that "we hardly get our own private time to meet close friends". 

Narsha, 28, is more practical: "Of course, when getting busy like crazy, you miss the free time, but we appreciate all the love and support from our fans. We are trying to enjoy the moment." 

Sources: ST Lifestyle on 27th Feb & the writer

Mods- i typed the important parts of the article out, youve to pay to read whats in the print source above so I included the writer's email instead. :) 
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