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100227 - snsd 1st concert encore - fan account


It took me a while to get to the Olympic Park station, because I got lost and was running a bit behind on schedule due to my meeting with my faculty manager. Whatever, I still made it there with plenty of time to spare.

Thea (jaded_skys) and her friend Eliza (ashiya?) met me and we walked together to the Olympic Park. I bought an unofficial lightstick for 3,000 won at the subway station - the official ones were being sold for 5,000 won nearer to the park, but we didn't want any of those.

Oh this is interesting. SS501 was having a concert at the same time, just across the way. So the area was crowded with fanboys and fangirls alikeMost of the fanboys belonged to SoShi, though, of course.

Got into the stadium and found our seats. I was actually in the wrong one, but wasn't informed of that until someone came over wondering why I was in his seat. Haha. Fail. Anyway, before that, I went to the bathroom to change clothes. I was still dressed pretty professionally from my meeting, so I put on a new skirt and hoodie.

As we were waiting, they were posting up people's UFO messages via text. At some point, Eliza turned and happened to see, in English, "9 Cameltoes. Whoo!" Or something like that. We died laughing.


They started out with a bang. Literally. It was so loud, my seat was reverberating and poor Eliza almost went deaf. The intro was very typical SM - they were angels, breaking out from stone and rising up over the city. It was really pretty, but there was the creepy male voice that SM uses for everything, introducing them. At the end, it said, "We are Girls' Generation." Rofl.

Then the girls came out, looking awesome in white outfits. Of course they were in shorts, but they had fur and hoods and long sleeves. They performed Genie, the concert version. It threw me off a bit, but their dance was so good. The dance break was cool, though I'm not sure I remember it very well right now. It was lipysnched, though.

After Genie they did Show Show Show and then Sonyeoshidae. Another awesome performance, also lipsynched. I was worried that they were going to wind up lipsynching everything, but I was also a little glad that they were giving their voices a chance to rest. Because the dance performances were so intense, I didn't know how they would keep up with it otherwise.

There was a small break here while they showed a brief, western-themed clip showing off their "Wanted" signs. It was so random. But at least it didn't say "Alive or Alive" at the bottom. Then the girls came out and did Beginning. This made me so happy. It's been a long time since I've heard them do this song. And this was live! (Actually, almost all of the songs save... two? were lipsynched, after this.) Hyoyeon came out somewhere during the middle and did a little dance number with guns. It wasn't much, really, but it was cool.

The girls introduced themselves after this performance. I don't know what they said, but then they started doing a little dance and saying their names. It went in the order of Jessica, Yoona, Sunny, Sooyoung, Hyoyeon, Yuri, Seohyun, Tiffany, and finally Taeyeon. Yoona did a Sailor Moon pose that a couple of other people also did afterwards, Sunny did a cute butt dance, Seohyun failed and didn't even bother to dance, Fany got a little carried away and even went "Ow!", and Taeyeon was just plain sexy.

The next song they introduced was Fantasy? I'm not sure on the title, but it was cute. Then they moved onto Etude. It took me a second to recognize it, but then Yoona did her part and I remembered. There was some YoonYul going on here. Actually there was a lot of YoonYul in general. Or a lot of all 9 of them, really. lol I think Sooyoung found a Daniel Henney mask in the crowd and picked it up, using it as a prop and moving in on Jessica.

Ooh La La had a really cute background with them as paper dolls. You know, the ones you can put paper clothes on top of, mixing and matching. This was followed by Kissing You, which had a background of them blowing kisses.

A video came after this, showing them in their daily lives. I'm going to try to remember, but I can't be sure of everyone... Taeyeon was doing DJ stuff, Yoona was going around Seoul as a photographer, Sunny was relaxing at home, Hyoyeon decorated a Christmas tree, Tiffany was shopping, Seohyun was playing the piano as usual... And yeah, I don't remember the rest. lol But it was a nice video?

JeTi came out after that to do their Caramel Coffee duet. They were good, and so pretty in their dresses. They started out on separate sides of the stage, then moved towards each other. I yelled at them to sing at each other towards the end, lol, and just after they finished, Tiffany took Jessica's hand and made as if she was running away with her. She's so cute.

Yoong's solo came after. I forget the name, but it was cute. It involved a bit of acting and she was in a sweet wedding dress. I think she needs to work on voice projection, but her singing has improved so much! Shindong and Eeteuk came out, Eeteuk covering for Hyukjae, of course. Eeteuk's rap was meh and he took someone's lightstick, then threw it far away into the crowd. At the end, Yoona picked out an audience member to bring onto the stage for a kiss. It was a cute little boy, maybe around 11-13? Lucky kid!

Sunny did Sunny... of course. lol She was so cute and tiny. She was dressed kinda like how the girls dressed for their "Tell Me" perf... The dance and singing were just okay, but she did an assisted backflip and that was pretty damn awesome.

Tiffany came out to do Umbrella next. Guh girl is so gorgeous. She has this stage presence and she really knows how to play to the crowd. I loved watching her throughout the entire night, she was really engaging. Her, Sunny, and Yoona were really energetic and liked to try to get the crowd to participate in whatever ways they could.

Then Taeyeon did Hush Hush and I exploded. I don't know how that adorable little girl manages it, but when she does sexy... man does she do sexy. She was amazing. Her voice was great, her clothes were hot, and her overall performance was sensual and charismatic. She mixed in a bit of I Will Survive, too, and it was really just amazing.

The Tough Angels video played after this. Seohyun did kendo, Yuri was exercising and boxing, Yoona had a rad car, and Tiffany apparently likes to shoot guns. Idk, it was a sexy video, though.

The girls came out next to do Chocolate Love, wearing their black outfits. Oh man these were so sexy. So much better than their white outfits. Rather than looking like slutty angels, they looked kinda badass.

This was followed by the diaries. Jessica's diary featured Seohyun in disguise. Yuri's diary had... Sunny and Taeyeon? Idk, they were acting as boys. Yoona's diary was her and Hyoyeon, with Jessica in halmeoni pants. Idek, it was ridiculous. But Taeyeon's diary was just epic, because it had Yoona, Sooyoung, and... I forget who, but someone else dressed like military boys. They were hilarious and ridiculous, flailing around and pretending to be fanboys, especially Yoona and Sooyoung.

The girls wore milkmaid costumes next and did Honey. Fany's voice was definitely going, poor girl. Dear Mom came after that, complete with a short mommy montage. I think they did Forever next, but I can't remember for sure. It was a pretty, slow-tempo song, though. Homg Taeyeon forgot the lyrics at some point and kind of mumbled for about half a second. xD I cracked up.

The wake up video following this was so pretty. They looked gorgeous.

A group of the girls stayed on stage to do Day by Day. We thought the dance battle would be after that, since the dancers had left, but they came out on scooters... lol Idk why, but they just rode their scooters around on the stage and waved at people as the rest finished the song.

My Child was after that and it had a really cute childish background video going. There were animals and castles and it was just so cute. That song still sounds like Christmas, to me.

The fairytale came after this. I don't understand the fairytale, but it was hilarious to watch in good quality on such a huge screen.

Then Jessica came out to do Barbie Girl. No sign of Key, but suddenly Heechul showed up on the screen and me, Eliza, and Thea freaked out. Heechul came down to perform and was pretty much awesome. It was kind of obvious that his part was a bit pre-recorded, but man he knew just how to handle her. There was something kind of sweet about him, guiding her down the runway. He replaced the lyrics at some point with, "Come on Sica, let's go party" and then did his "When I say Je, you say Sica!" xD Of course S♥nes obliged. He ended with "Thank you S♥nes" and there was just something so... kind about it. It was good to see them together.

Sooyoung came out next to do Santa Baby. She was awesome, obviously has show girl ambitions, lol.

Seohyun did a piano piece followed by I am 16 going on 17. I really love her voice for this song. And I think it's very significant, because it really seems like Seohyun's making a transition into being an adult right now. But I don't think she needs "someone older and wiser" go guide her.

The next stage was really awesome. They did Singing in the Rain and had these umbrellas on the screen flying towards them, then they would pull out real umbrellas. Tiffany dropped hers, though, lol. Irony!

Somewhere Over the Rainbow was a sad piece, with an animated girl in the background standing out in the cold all alone. Only some of the girls sang this - the others came out as angels, bestowing gifts on her. Tiffany didn't sing, surprisingly. At the end, Yoona came out and gave a rainbow to guide the girl away. Thea interpreted this as the girl was dying. 8D Sadly, that's kind of what it seemed like.

Then! f(x) came out to perform Chu!!! Man, Amber got so many screams. I don't know what to make of it, considering the crowd was mostly boys, lol.

Hyoyeon did her solo dance after this. Her popping has improved tremendously. She was amazing. I don't even have words. I wish I could describe it, but we'll have to wait for the DVD.

Yuri did her solo after that. I think it's called One Two Step? Idk, but Amber came out to do the rap. Now Yuri... Yuri is sexy and she knows it. The show was therefore incredibly sexy and she just exuded this amazing confidence.

After Yuri's performance, Yoona came on stage and the dance battle began. It started out as basically what was show in the Star Dance Battle - Yoona, Sooyoung, Yuri, Hyoyeon - but there was no Seohyun. The group dance was of course Janet Jackson's "Rhythm Nation." They did a really excellent job.

The next bit was kind of... weird? It was a song about SoShi, including all of their names. It sounds kinda like YYJ or Chu Gayeol were singing, lol. I need it on my iPod - it was really pretty, even if it seemed kinda pointless.

The girls came out in their jerseys for Oh!, but did Into the New World, Be Happy, and Himnae. I don't know what to say about these songs, really. I'm running out of steam, but damn the energy was so strong. I was having a really good time, especially with Be Happy and Himnae. Everyone was bouncing and the fans were screaming out lyrics. There was also lots of JeTi and YoonYul.

Then~ They did Gee! lol The S♥nes really know how to cheer. This was a fun song - obviously everybody knows it. The girls did another song, but I don't know the name. Then they thanked everybody and left the stage. They talked for a bit first, of course, but Idk what they said. Thea and I were trying to figure out how to get Tiffany's attention. We wanted to shout when it was quiet, but Sooyoung was speaking and we didn't want to disrupt her.

Of course there were shouts for encore after they left (though the Koreans were pronouncing it wrong and Thea, Eliza, and I were obnoxiously screaming along but with the correct pronunciation) and they obliged by returning with Naengmyeon. Yoona found a mask at some point and walked around with it - I wonder if it was the Daniel Henney mask. Oh and I swear someone had a Yonghwa mask, rofl.

They moved onto Ha Ha Ha. I've noticed that even while they're supposed to just be running around, Yoona will actually do the choreography.

They followed this with Complete, which was way pretty. They gathered in a circle in the center and held hands - the unity was just ;-; The girls were crying by the end.

After they left the stage, of course there was another call for an encore. And yeah, we figured they had to do something, because they hadn't yet performed Oh! and that would have sucked. They came out and did Baby Baby. I saw Yoona playing with someone's light and teasing someone else with said light. The poor fans, lol.

Then, the song we'd all been waiting for, Oh! They had a lot of fun messing with formations on this one. It was a good stage, they were turning to as much of the audience as they could. Oh I think this might have been lipsynched...? This and Chocolate Love. I don't think anything else was, though.

The girls said their last goodbyes at last and introduced some of the staff. fjdlasjdlfj SHIM JAEWON WAS THERE! Homg I was so happy to see them thanking him. I didn't know what to expect from this concert, but I wasn't expecting to see not only Heechul, but also Jaewon. It basically made everything in my world complete, lol.

Oh - I should mention that Sunny is really a little energy pill. She was so enthusiastic throughout the entire show. She is also ridiculously tiny. But totally fearless. She had no issues pushing her hand into the crowd for high fives, though the rest seemed to be afraid of being pulled in or something.


In short, I left with a Yoona wall scroll.


This post is kind of Yoona biased, for obvious reason. And I'm tired, so I'm probably forgetting some details, but I tried to capture the highlights from my notes.
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