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Male versions of venus: some recent SF9 photoshoots

SF9's Youngbin, Inseong & Jaeyoon for The Star
Photographed by Kim Tae-Koo

Answering questions from Fans for The Star
The first video is more focused on Tear Drop/Kingdom questions, the second centers more around individual member questions.

The Star shooting behind the scenes

SF9 Youngbin & Inseong for Arena Homme+
Photographed by Kim Cham

SF9 Dawon, Hwiyoung & Chani for Marie Claire Korea
Photographed by Jang Han-Bit

Marie Claire Shooting behind the scenes

Source: The Star pictorial, Youtube 1, 2 | Arena Homme+ pictorial | Marie Claire Korea pictorial, Youtube | SF9 Official Youtube 1, 2

Tags: photoshoot, sf9

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