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The 14th Anniversary Celebrations Do Not End. Soshi Continues Giving Us Content (Media Heavy)

The 8 members appear on Yoo Quiz on the Block, talking mainly about trainee times and how far they've come. Sooyoung mentions SNSD as 9 before, and shots of Jessica are seen in the montages. This episode probably ranks in my Top 5 touching moments for Soshi.

Elle Korea releases 2 video interviews with Taeyeon, which are pretty insightful.

The 2nd episode of Legendary Trainee is out, with guests Youngbin and Yoo Taeyang from SF9. Sunny strikes again with her research into the guests, and attempts to dance Tear Drop. Sone and Fantasy me is happy with how Yoo Taeyang tries to create variety moments with Sunny. Youngbin also accidentally calls Sunny a teacher.

Ep3 teases fromis_9's Saereom, Jisun and Jiwon. also featuring Hyoyeon and Yoona in the future episodes!!

Breakfast with Tiffany has Tiffany visiting OneMillion Studio's Lia Kim and Modern Pentathlon athlete Jeon Woongtae, who is a SONE.

Yuri's Winning Recipe returns with yet another Soshi member. Sooyoung returns again with a new recipe, and proceeds to roast Yuri in half of the video.

Special mention of the viral Second Challenge which had Tiffany, Yuri and Sooyoung trending. There was also a little hooha for Seohyun, as some netizens were upset Seohyun was laughing at a picture of Twice's Jihyo during the Second Challenge video (not shown here).

As Sooyoung mentioned in the Yoo Quiz video, she is planning to start filming a new drama soon, which is probably the offer she had to lead with Ji Chang Wook. Rise actress Sooyoung.

Meanwhile, Yoona started promotions for her film, Miracle. Tiffany held an IG Live with Sunny, Yuri, Hyoyeon (who appeared shortly in a car) and Yoona, before Tiffany and Sunny headed down to the premiere and supported Yoona.

Yoona will also appear with male lead, Park Jung Min, on MMTG. Jaejae be collecting all the Soshi girls on her programme one by one.

Yoona will also start filming her new drama as Lee Jong Suk's wife in Big Mouse/Mouth(?).

Seohyun is now the ambassador for Clinique, which the news was released shortly after the Yoo Quiz special aired.

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sones are fed well with the reunion and many interactions. 15th anniversary seems to be a big event to look out for. or maybe they'll release something on 30/9?
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