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What went down at the JYPE/2PM - Hottest fan meeting/conference: full report

As a follow-up to this post (which was just the first few media reports on the situation), we now have an account of what actually happened at the JYPE/2PM - Hottest fan meeting. Edited for grammar.

JYPE/2PM - Hottest Meeting Q&A Transcriptions

UPDATE #2: Translations/transcriptions of the Korean parts are beginning to surface; I posted one version below that dispels some of the other fan accounts. Please take this info at your own discretion though.

The author/translator is Korean-American and fluent in both languages.

* The 2pm boys are very respectful throughout the whole fan meeting, as far as I can tell. On the contrary, I think the fans are being unnecessarily rude. The fans spent the first 10 minutes of the meeting arguing that they should have the right to film the meeting, even though the JYP rep told them several times that although he would allow audio recording, he could not allow video footage out of fear that it could later be manipulated by other people to put the 2pm boys in a bad light. On hearing this (perfectly reasonable) request, the fans burst into laughter and made many snide and condescending comments (caught on tape) about how unbelievable the JYP rep’s requests were. I could hardly believe how rude some of their words were. The 2pm boys stayed silent during this exchange, but the JYP rep did not raise his voice, and merely repeated his requests until the fans agreed. As the file went on, some rude fans interrupted the boys several times as they were replying to the fans’ questions.

* Junho never said “I honestly hated Jaebeom hyung,” as has been alleged. His words should not be taken out of context. What he did say was, “We were so excited for him to come back, and we worked hard, here in Korea, and so did Jaebeom hyung in the States. We tried to give hints to our fans that he would come back, and we worked hard to make a path so he could return. But when we heard what happened… we, too… for just one moment… we hated Jaebeom-hyung.” He said “we,” not “I” (“저희들” is plural). The way he worded it was to explain that his momentary hatred of Jaebeom was because he was so deeply disappointed that after all of their (mutual) work, Jaebeom wouldn’t be able to return… he did not hate Jaebeom for what he had done (whatever it is), but because what he had done would prevent him from returning.

* When Junho said, “We worked so hard to make a path so Jaebeom hyung could return” the fans laughed sarcastically and said, “Who made that path? Who?” And he corrected himself to say, “We all worked, both our precious fans who loved Jaebeom and us members, too, we all worked together to bring him back, didn’t we?” (Just as a personal note… I felt really sorry for Junho here. Ultimately the 2pm boys worked their incredible butts off in order to build up goodwill in the public eye after Jaebeom left, and as he said later, they never stopped thinking about Jaebeom throughout all of their performances, variety shows, etc. And for him to be attacked by the fans for saying that was so disrespectful, I think.)

* When Chansung said that they still love Jaebeom hyung, and that in the future if they miss him they think it will be okay to honestly say that they miss him, the fans laughed at him.

* One of the loudest fans was a mother (she said multiple times that she had a son around the age of the 2pm boys)—[what?!!! aren’t ajummas a bit too old to be showing up to these kinds of things?]—and she attacked the boys for throwing Jaebeom away “like human trash.” She said that no matter what your family members do, you have to hold them close and not throw them away. And she said for betraying Jaebeom (she said it’s as if they “killed him,” and left him to be the “trash of the nation”), the fans would throw away 2pm. [I’m sorry, but this kind of fan attack is just ridiculous, un-fucking-believable.] The 2pm boys were extremely respectful in response, and asked her politely when she was finished if she would like to add a question for them to reply to. She said a few more words but again, there was no actual question. But anyway, they responded and said, “We are so sorry to have hurt you. We understand your feelings because we are hurting, too. We honestly think that silence is only way we can protect Jaebeom, and we are telling this to you from our hearts.” They went on to say that it was some issue that, out of their love for Jaebeom and their desire to protect him, they could not speak of to the fans. They said that even after they are married and have families, they will always think of themselves—“all seven of us”—as a part of 2pm, and this is why they must protect him until they die [the “until we die” part sounds less dramatic in Korean, fyi—it’s a more commonly used expression in Korean than English]. They repeated that they had to do this because they loved him, and they apologized several times.

* There are rumors going around that the 2pm boys said they could never forgive Jaebeom. This is patently false. Junho explicitly says, “We have forgiven Jaebeom.” He goes on to say that despite the fact that they have forgiven him, and though they will always love him as a brother, the mistake he made was too serious to reveal to the fans, and that they, too, would feel as shocked as the 2pm boys did if they knew what it was. He apologized for having to say that.

* Wooyoung said, “Please understand this truly, we have not thrown away Jaebeom hyung in our hearts. Please, let’s make a promise between us. Not between us 6, but between our 7 members and all of you who are here today. We promise that we are protecting him until the end.” In response, some fans laughed and sniggered, saying “쳇” on the audio file [in Korean, ”쳇” a common way to say that you don’t believe the other person’s words. It’s very condescending and rude, unless said in a joking way among friends.. which this is clearly not].

* There was a question about whether the 2pm boys had heard the news from Jaebeom’s mouth directly, or only through the company. Junsu responded and said that they had first heard the news from their CEO, but afterwards they spoke on the phone with Jaebeom and the seven of them talked it over together, directly.

* When the JYP rep was explaining why they wrote that Jaebeom could not return because of a big personal problem (instead of covering it up with a less harmful answer), and he said that he needed to protect the 6 remaining members so that they would not be seen as betrayers/traitors to Jaebeom, many fans interrupted him to say, “But we already think that they are traitors.” [It breaks my heart to think that the boys had to sit there and hear that from their fans without even being able to defend themselves.] The rep went on to finish his answer and did not respond to those accusations.


Please note: this is not a complete translation. These are parts that I personally picked out because I think they help refute some of the awful rumors going around. Also, the file gets grainy and difficult to understand at some points.

And even more than that, I have a huge assignment due next week so I don’t have time to listen to the whole thing right now. This comprises about the FIRST NINETY MINUTES of the audio file… I will listen to more and add more when I get the chance, but I wanted to do this because I think this is really important, on behalf of 2pm fans who don’t understand Korean and can’t read Korean. I hope some of you find it useful. Feel free to re-blog.


P.S. As a quick update, and just to clarify: some of the fan accounts that are going around *are* true. From the first 90 minutes I listened to, the following is true:

* All 6 members acknowledged that they agreed to the fact that Jaebeom should not return as a part of 2pm.
* One of them (sorry, I can’t identify the voice) did say that what Jaebeom had done “is bad enough that we can’t let it come from our lips and go to our fans” and asked for understanding and forgiveness that they cannot say any more than that.
* The JYP rep did say “To put it as a metaphor, the six members, and our company, are like the victims in this situation, and Jaebeom is the attacker.” The quotation itself was part of an explanation as to why they were honest in revealing that Jaebeom had made a big mistake in his private life, and why the company was trying to protect the other six members of 2pm. I personally don’t think it was as awful as other fans seem to think, although it isn’t pleasant to hear that Jaebeom was “the attacker,” but it’s up to you as to how you want to interpret it.
* The JYP rep also said (as part of the above comment) that the six members are “just as important as one member.” He never said that the six were “more” important than the one.
* I’ve been following the rumors on 2OD and I believe these are the only ones I can say I heard on the file, for sure. Please keep in mind that 1) It’s only the first 90 minutes of the 4-hour file; 2) I can’t see their body language, obviously, so there’s nothing I can say about that; and 3) some parts of the file are staticky and difficult to understand, but I’ve done my best. I trust our 2pm boys, and I believe in them.

Regarding Jay's myspace controversy & his leaving Korea on Sept 8:
I made the video cut of it because yes, I really don't want to study that much right now.

(on my youtube account)

Fan: Hi. Can I ask this to Nichkhun & Taecyeon? You know the comments he made on myspace? You should've known that that comment wasn't to belittle Korea but that he was just venting out, right? Because of cultural differences. So, but..but when this thing happened, he didn't talk to you and Nickhun about it? And if you knew, you should've known that that comment wasn't something so bad. So why did Jay feel the need to leave.
Taecyeon: I mean...the point when all the Koreans found out what he put on MySpace, no one...cared. Everyone was like, "Oh, just go and kill yourself." It wasn't--it wasn't like, "Oh, he must have done know...He must have, you know, some kind of reason to write that." It wasn't, you know, one cared about him. *pause* Not even one single reply wrote, "We still love you, Jay." No one wrote that. What are we supposed to feel? I mean, Jay probably felt the pressure more than, you know, anyone could feel.
Fan: So you could have persuaded him to stay.
Nichkhun: Well, we thought that if he were to stay, he might have gotten, by people like around him. 'Cause people really, you know, people hated him. And so I--we didn't want him to go, of course. But we felt it was the best way to save him, and save everyone, from getting hurt.
Taecyeon: Yeah, think about it. I mean... Luckily, the fact that he left made a lot of people say, "Oh...we were kinda like, you know, witch-hunting and whatnot." But the fact that it wasn't like that, leaving, I think, it was the best thing that he could've done for us and for himself.
Fan: And when he left, did you...did you think that he might have come back later? After this thing's over?
Taecyeon: Of course. From the day that he left, we knew that he was gonna come back. We had that--we had that belief.

Regarding the possibility of 2PM in America and how they would introduce themsleves:
Fan: So um...I was wondering, do you guys have any plans to go to the US and would you be introduced as a six member group and would you have a new leader? Do you have plans for a new leader?
Taecyeon: We don't have any plans right now, so...I don't think we're gonna have like, oh, pick a new member or a leader. We're not gonna do anything like that. And first--second of all, I don't think we'll go to the US and be like, you know, "We WERE a seven member group, but now we're six." We're not gonna say that. It's already been decided.
Fan: What?
Taecyeon: It's already been decided. We are six now.

Fan: I'm also from Chicago, so, ok. But I was wondering, that whole myspace comment...if that didn't, if that didn't happen at all, would Jay be kicked out of 2PM?
JYPE Rep: You mean this matter?
Fan: Yeah. Well, if the myspace didn't happen, then this whole controversy wouldn't happen either?
JYPE Rep: Yeah, sure, sure.
Fan: In which he wouldn't have been kicked out?
JYPE Rep: Yeah.

Transcribed by me. Audio file from

2PM Fan Association Q&A Transcribed
Q. What is purpose of this meeting? And why didn't you answer Underground's written inquiry at first? Even if Underground followed your directions for modifications?

Jungwook : The plan for announcing Jaebeom's secession from 2pm was to be released at the end of February. That is a request from Jaebeom himself. So, we could not lie to the fans just 2 weeks before. (Underground's written inquiry was re-submitted on 12th of February). The purpose of this meeting is to talk sincerely between members and fans.

Q. What, we, fans want is just to communicate with JYPE. But, why do you bring the members who don't have any right to decide? This situation is to represent JYPE.

Jungwook : I think members should talk with sincerity from the beginning, so this meeting can proceed more smoothly. If only I participated in this meeting, you fans would not believe my words.

We fans regard that members are also a part of JYPE, so members' words are official and direct opinions of JYPE from now on. To members,

Q. According to JYPE's official announcement, 2pm 6 members all agreed with JYPE's decision- Jaebeom's permanent withdrawal from 2pm on January 6th. Do you have any objections to or refute this announcement? We need all members' opinions.

ALL: We agreed with the official announcement.

Q. You said that everything in the official announcement were definitely true. So, all was decided about Jay's future on January 6th. But members referred to Jay in many situations after that day. Why did you do that? Fans have had hope since you referred to Jay.

ALL: He is a still very good brother to us despite his permanent withdrawal from 2pm. We don't think it is a problem to miss him when we really miss him. Also, in the future, when we miss him, we can say that and it won't be problematic.

Q. Regardig Jaebeom's contract termination from JYPE, we want to know about the following things and ask you to release the contract of Jaebeom. When did you cancel the contract permanently?

Jungwook: 26th, February.

Q. After that day, which rights do you have to be related to Jaebeom, and how long it will it be for?

Jungwook: We have no rights.

Q. When did the whole process of calculating take place, including penalty for breach of contract and profits?

Jungwook: No penalty for breaching of contract, and calculating of profits ended on Jan. 2010.

Q. Are there any restrictions for Jaebeom should he want to come back as a singer?

Jungwook: No restrictions.

Q. We all ask JYPE to take responsibility for not caring for Jaebeom while he belonged to your company. JYPE wrote the most vague expressions that caused many rumors around Jaebeom and members. What plans do you have to deal with this situation, and what efforts do you take and will take to cure Jaebeom, the members and their families' pain?

Jungwook: JYPE does not take any responsibility for the personal life of entertainers in the company. So Jaebeom will take responsibility for this situation. Simply speaking, Jaebeom is the offender, and the other 6 boys and JYPE are the victims.

Q. After September 5th, did JYPE try to protect Jaebeom from the surrounding news articles or related programs? For example, deleting the article or blocking the replies are not that difficult to try.

Jungwook: Honestly speaking, we never tried to delete the news or block the replies before that accident. But, for Jaebeom's Myspace controversy, we tried to do our best. After that, we now try to delete or block, but there are so many articles so we might miss something. And also, we cannot skim through all media, as there are so many news channels.

Q. As following JYPE's official announcement, Jaebeom's permanent exit was already decided. But JYPE did not announce it until 25th of February, so Jaebeom was used as a marketing tool through various media. Why do you choose to act like this? We need a reason.

Jungwook: It is a real fact that Jaebeom's permanent exit was decided on 6th January. But we agreed to announce it on end of February with Jaebeom, so we cannot do anything relating with that issue. And, we cannot control press.

Q. What do you think about the words "very serious private life problem"? Why do you choose these words, when you don't need to.

Jungwook: I'll explain it in three ways.
1. I want the other boys to not be blamed as "traitors". 6 boys are as important as much as one member.
2. We wrote the announcement officially to the Korean people. So we cannot lie.
3. Simply speaking, the 6 boys are kind of victims. If we did not speak about the matter frankly, fans would never believe us so we told the truth: serious private life problem.

Q. You said that people who know about the private life problem are very few-- members and upper staffs of the company. If it were really a "serious private life problem", all people involved would not want it to be revealed, ever. So, if it were to be revealed, can we assume that JYPE will be the ones revealing it?

Jungwook: We hope so, but there are other people who are related with it so, there is a possibility of leaking. The company cannot hold responsibility for that.

Q. Does Jaebeom know about the meeting, and the official announcement (the words serious private life problem)?

Khun: Jay and I talked via text message recently, and he knew about the whole thing. He wanted to make a video to us.
Jungwook: He knew about the official announcement.

Q. Are there any plans to select a new member or a leader?

Jungwook and all members: No.

Q. Is there any possibility for Jaebeom to come back in 2pm? What do you think about Jay coming back with other company?

Jungwook and all members: There is no possibility for Jaebeom to come back as part of 2pm.
Chansung: If he decides to come back and endure hardships, I hope for his success. But not as a part of 2pm.

Q. Is there any possibility for JYPE and members to shield Jaebeom? And if members did not agree with Jaebeom's permanent withdrawal, what would be happen?

All members: No possibility to shield.

Q. If the Myspace Controversy did not happen, would the result still be the same?

All: Yes.

Q. Do members do their own Cyworld by themselves? Are the Cyworld messages all written by themselves?

Wooyoung: Yes. I was irritated at that time so I wrote it.
Chansung: Yes. I was confused about something. It was not related with this situation.
Jungwook: Once, fans blamed JYPE for NOT managing the Cyworlds. But in accordance to the Standard Contracts, the company cannot manage artists' belongings or privacy. Basically, the company is not responsible for their own private lives.

Q. What do you think about the boycott?

Junho: We thought that he would come back. So we didn't care about the boycott since he would come. But honestly, we felt sorry about it. After this, there will be another boycott, since it seems like you don't want to see us. But we will try to do our best all the time, and we will show good stages since we are all singers.

Q. If the serious private life problem is not true, it would be a libel case.

Jungwook: It is definitely true.

Q. After this, if 2pm sings songs from single 1, or single 2, what about Jaebeom's part? And if there will be profits, will Jaebeom receive a part of them?

Jungwook: About Jaebeom's part, we will discuss later. Future profits not related to JYPE, he can ask the copyright association about.

Q. Will 2pm still use Hottest as the fan club name?

Jungwook: Of course. Does that mean 6 members are not 2pm? They are 2pm.

Q. You said that the final decision was on January 6th. But all members went on vacation and showed very bright smiles.

Wooyoung: It was the first vacation we got.
Taec: My job is a singer so I cannot do anything but smile.
Chansung: We cannot show sad faces in front of our families during the holidays. What do you expect? Should we make a mess during live programs to bring Jay back?

Q. Do you know about all the rumors surrounding Jaebeom? Why don't you protect him?

Wooyoung: We never kicked Jaebeom out. We tried to save him. If it were revealed later, it would be really regretful.
Chansung: Don't doubt our friendship.
Junho: Honestly, I hated Jay for a while when I knew the facts. We really tried our best to bring him back. But, now, to be silent is to save him.
Taec: Rumors will vanish at the end.

Q. JYPE announced that it would cancel Jaebeom's contract because of the serious private life problem. Why didn't you ask for any penalty for breach of contract if Jaebeom had to take responsibility for all situations?

Jungwook: Others have many cf contracts but Jay does not. So no penalty. The inner policy of this situation is not to ask the penalty.

Q. We need to know the exact number of years in Jay's contract, as well as other facts related to the contract.

Jungwook: The real contract is 7 years. Once the proposal was 10 years; after that, 8 years and finally 7 years. It is all the same with the others.

Q. In one television program, Park Jin Young said that if Jaebeom wants to come back, JYP will support him and that Jaebeom will come back as part of 2pm. What were JYPE's efforts to bring him back?

Jungwook: When he went back to his hometown on September 8th, and until December 22nd, the day he called me, he was a precious member of 2pm, and we tried to do everything to bring him back.

Q. How did JYPE support Jaebeom?

Jungwook: At the end of September, Park Jin Young met him and introduced him to trainers. We always tried to bring him back.

Q. JYPE did employ Jay-marketing tactics; for example, the album title 1:59 pm. Was that a real effort to bring him back or just a fake motion to not lose the fans?

Jungwook: As we said above, from the 8th of September when he went back to his hometown until the 22nd of December when he called me, he was a precious 2pm member but after that time, it was a different situation. About sharing profits, the calculation of profits and sharing ended in January.

We all agreed with the above official announcement about fanmeeting, and this is true.
- The Association of 2PM FANS.

Credit: Kor-Eng by Chinup_Jay | Coordinator: Cassina

The main content of the meeting is about the declaration on the members’ consensus with JYPE to let Jaebeom go. All members said that thery really love him but his fault is too serious so they all agreed with the decision. If fans do love Jaebeom they should not dig into the reason why he permanently withdraws from the group since they do this to protect him. They begged the fans that it should not be revealed. Jaebeom himself agreed with decision.

Jungwook stated that Jaebeom did something wrong and the members are victims of the situation, Therefore, if he did not write "the private life problem", people will attack rest of the boys. Jaebeom felt sorry for JYPE, 2pm boys and fans so he agreed with Jungwook to write the word. No penalty for Jaebeom for breaching of the contract since jay never shoots any advertising. In addition, the contract ended yesterday.

Our rep said that Jungwook and the six members replied sincerely to every question, their words and tone are really strong and their face stoic.

These are answers from Nichkhun to questions asked today:

1. He said that while he was in Phuket, he really missed Jay. So his answer about Jay is sincere. He also accepted that what Jay did was wrong.

2. Nichkhun texted Jay yesterday asked if he was alright. Jay apologized and he was too ashamed to face fans, he really felt sorry.

3. Some questioned why he and Teacyoen did not hold Jay back when the controversy blew out. Khun answered that he thought it would be the best for Jay to be with his family.

4.A fan asked about Jay's future plan. Khun said that Jay would continue his b-boy activities and go back to study.

None of the six boys cried, they were all calm and very confident. They said they felt sorry and they thought Jay is still very good hyung but thy cannot go with Jay. If the truth is to be revealed later, it is more harm to Jay.

There is no plan on new leader yet.

Info by the 2pmalways representative who attended the meeting: Chinup_Jay, Coordinator Cassina

***Anyway, K-hottest will continue with their boycott.

SOURCE: 2pmalways (transcription) + 2pmalways (summary) + fortyninepointfivebananas @ tumblr (korean answers transcription)

I just wanna say I ♥ Omona for being relatively sane and for being able to find humor in the situation still :D As for me, I don't care for dumb rumors/member-bashing and am supporting all 7 of them, whether they are apart or together. Good luck in your future endeavors, Jay!

Also, there are audio/video files of the conference going around but download/open them at your own discretion, guys. They may contain malware/viruses.
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