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Former AOA member Mina is at it again, claims there are more victims of Jimin's bullying + more

Mina alleges there are 4 more victims of AOA Jimin's bullying including one that's deceased

On the 6th, Mina wrote a lengthy post on her IG called out other celebrities and further exposed Jimin's bullying. She wrote, "I'm going to turn 30 soon. Do you think I'm afraid of a few curse words? Hate comments? I'll just live being true to myself and my personality? Why, I can't do that because I'm a public figure?"

"There is evidence, but even more so, there are several victims. Among them, I'm the only one that endured the longest. I'm only aware of 4 victims and even one of them is deceased. It's not enough that she's a criminal that assaulted me. A senior at our same agency also swore at her [Jimin]."

Regarding other celebrities she stated, "Public figures are all the same. There's no need to protect them or point them out. Just look at them as ordinary people. Celebrities you trust? Don't trust them too much and don't give them everything. I don't like pretense. I'm just going to live my life according to my personality. If I live like that, I'll win the hearts of fans and earn a lot of money."

Mina reveals "famous senior" is well aware of Jimin's assaults + alludes to AOA members "sex" activities

On the 6th, Mina launched an exposure campaign on her IG, called out celebrities and further exposed Jimin's bullying. She stated, "You keep saying I'm pretending to be a victim. I'm sick of it. I'm going to live as myself and according to my personality. Don't trust celebrities too much. How many celebrities do you think are as pure and clean as they appear on TV?"

She added, "The more I mention it, the more hate I get but there is evidence [of Jimin's bullying]. Even more so, there are several victims. Among them, I'm the one that endured the longest. Even if this goes to a lawsuit, I won't back down. I'm only aware of 4 victims and even one is deceased."

In another post at dawn, she wrote, "A group of fans and Shin (Shin Jimin)'s fans keep saying I'm the "promiscuous" one that "likes sex." When I was in the group, the members all gave me the nickname "XX" because "I hadn't done it for a long time" indirectly alluding to the sex lives of the other members.

She further exposed Jimin writing, "Including the assault, even seniors at our agency are well aware of her bullying and cursed her criminal ways. But this is such a famous senior so I'm afraid to open my mouth." Anyway, investigate her. I wonder if the things she did in front of me were just her "bluff."

sources: dailynaver 1, 2, SPOTV News, Chosun Ilbo
Tags: aoa, ex-group members, social media/youtube

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