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SHINee in Hong Kong's YES! Magazine

SHINee Transforms into Big Boys (Men)
After SHINee released their song "Ring Ding Dong" from their album '2009 Year Of Us' at the end of 2009, their popularity skyrocketed and fans in Hong Kong increased immensely. The song is not only popular as it also made almost everyone in HK know of this song as well as dancing/ singing to it. The boys of SHINee include: Onew, Jonghyun, Key, Minho and Taemin and they led the trend of KPOP groups to land in HK on the February 12th 2010 as they kicked off their promotions. SHINee's lead was really amazing as their stay was during Chinese New Years so several hundreds of fans were at the airport to pick them up, followed them on cabs as well as going to their functions. If we look at SHINee's stay in HK in just those two days, we could only presume that not only in 2009, but in 2010, SHINee's popularity would definitely continue to rise. As these boys continue to "upgrade", not long will we see them transform from "young boys" to "big boys (men)."

Nation's "Ring Ding Dong"
"2009 Year Of Us" made those who never took notice of SHINee to start question "So this is the group that sings that "Ring ah Ring ah Ring" song?", which proves that the new SHINee definitely attracted lots of new fans. SHINee: "After releasing this album, we received a lot of positive feedback, especially from the fans who have supported us since ages ago. It was this encouragement which gave us motivation and confidence to win K-Chart 1st Place on Music Bank, fulfilling our dream of becoming the best group in this generation." SHINee's wishes have been granted already prior debuted for 2 years with such great achievements, this would definitely enhance their confidence of how people view SHINee as well as how they see themselves.

Caption on Right Picture: The dance steps from "Ring Ding Dong" have also been a reason why the song had been a hit.

Loves Baby Taemin Most
Not only do SHINee ace in dancing and singing, they also show the audiences their variety skills. In fact, girls groups, male groups as well as solo singers in the Korean Music Industry have all started to diverge out and try out different things apart from singing such as to MC, acting in dramas or maybe participate in variety shows. In SHINee's latest variety show "SHINee's Hello Baby", the boys take on the role of becoming fathers and they also inserted some funny acts within the show. SHINee: "Every member of SHINee wants to take on new challenges, however we will never forget about our main role as singers." Speaking of "Hello Baby", even though SHINee says that it is very hard to choose the best appa, but they all quickly thought of who resembled a baby the most: "It must be Taemin (haha), but then it is because normally he is very cute and has a kid's personality so we as hyungs, would forgive him in any way and take particularly good care of him."

Caption on Left Picture: People can see SHINee's attentive, funny and outgoing appearance off-stage via "SHINee's Hello Baby"

Acting as Brothers in Drama
Recently, SHINee have started to go on variety shows so perhaps maybe in the future like other singers, the boys might go into the fields of acting in dramas or movies. Although it might only be one member from the group, after finishing the product, it might actually benefit the whole group. The situation is sort of like how Kim Hyun Joong improved SS501's fame through his role as Ji Hoo from Boys Over Flowers. SHINee: "Our Sunbae's Super Junior filmed a movie together before called "Flower Boys Beauty Teen Continuously Terror Happen". We feel that if we get the opportunity to film a movie with our very own members, it would be good fun. The details of the script would be, hopefully it would be that we 5 live under the same roof as brothers but with totally different personalities. Onew, as the leader, must be the eldest hyung, Jonghyun would be the second hyung, Minho and Key would be lovey-dovey twins but with opposite personalities and of course Taemin would be the youngest brother." Even the script is thought out, so thoughtful, SHINee really not only have mature looks but are big boys inside their hearts too!

The Revolving of Music
SHINee's newest album '2009, Year Of Us' can be said as their first changing point in their careers. From the beginning where people thought that SHINee only limits in singing some mid-tempo fast tracks and dancing to now where they are able to handle such strong and powerful track types. Especially in the title track "Ring Ding Dong", we could completely see that SHINee have become big boys with much personality. SHINee: "This album can show SHINee's hard effort and targets in 2009. We think that this album has a very deep meaning as it shows our music revolving to another level and the blood and sweat we put into producing it."

Captions on Left Pictures: We can see SHINee's on-growing maturity in the album '2009, Year Of Us'.

Stylish Big Boys
Besides revolving around music to another level, SHINee's image and feel have also gone more matured and stylish compared with before. For example, during the earlier "Juliette" era, SHINee gave off a feeling of "boys-next-door" and now in "2009, Year Of Us", we could successfully see their changes. SHINee: "Actually, we all changed a lot, even though our age is still quite young, but we think that we have become more matured and more stylish, haha~ But, compared with our individual changes, we think that the most obvious is that SHINee's focus have become much stronger, and this energy comes from our supportive fans."

Captions on Right Pictures: SHINee's image when they first debut; none other than the nation's little brother? --> Started to change during the "Juliette" period --> Complete change of image that matches their personality when the newest album was released.

SHINee Loves Shiu Mai Dumplings
On the day of our interview, we deliberately prepared several Hong Kong local dishes for SHINee to try including: Egg-cakes (Gai Dan Jai: 雞蛋仔), Fried Capsicums & Eggplants with Minced Fish (煎釀三寶), Fishballs (Yudan: 魚蛋) as well as other snacks such as Rice Crackers and Chocolate for gifts too.

In order of the pictures:
1) Let's start eating.
2) Jonghyun: "What is it?"
3) Key: "I want to eat it too!"
4) Out of all the foods, SHINee seemed the most interested in the Egg-cakes. They kept on saying "It looks very delicious."
5) SHINee very politely picked up the Egg-cakes using the wooden sticks!
6) When asked which food tasted the best, Jonghyun pointed at the Egg-cakes and said "This One!" while Onew and Key said: "Shiu Mai!!"
Jonghyun: "This is yummy"
Onew & Key: "Shiu Mai is the most yummy!!"
7) When Minho received the box of present, he immediately asked us how to say "Thank You" in Cantonese, really so polite. After he takes off the wrapper and saw a box of golden coloured chocolate (Ferrero Rocher I think), he loudly shouted "Wow!!" and passed it on to the other members.
8) Key: "Wow!!"
9) Onew and Key kept looking at the Rice Crackers and within the blink of an eye, they opened the pack and started eating. Key: "Eh? This looks like it tastes very good!"
10) Key seemed like he really loves chocolate. He kept looking at the chocolate and not letting go of the box. Key: "So shiny!"
11) Key: "After signing autograph can I eat it?"
12) Key: "Really wanna open it"

Short Letters for Fans
Onew: "Please give us SHINee lots of love in the future alright~!"
Taemin: "Please receive lots of fortune in the new year 2010 (Happy New Year)"
Jonghyun: "Please receive lots of fortune in the new year 2010 (Happy New Year)"
Minho: "To all the fans in HK, really thank you so much. We will work even harder in the future. Please give SHINee more love~ Please receive lots of fortune in the new year 2010 (Happy New Year)"
Key: "2010 Happy New Year"


SHINee Fans Floods the Airport
SHINee arrived at 12noon on December 12th so of course fans wouldn't miss this opportunity to pick them up at the airport, even though they had to get up early and wait for a long time. However, as soon as SHINee came out, everyone livened up. That day, not only were there HK fans, there were foreigners too! SHINee really knew how to impress fans, once they stepped out of the immigration, they stood still and greeted "Gong Hei Fat Choi" to everyone there.

In order of the pictures:
1) SHINee's fans came early and hung banners early in the morning just to meet SHINee.
2) & 3) Once SHINee walked out of the gates, there were loud noises/ screams. Even though they've seen situations like this before, but HK fans are known to be passionate so that's why there were a huge amount of screams.
4) & 5) SHINee received flowers from TMTP organizers and already did an interview without even stepping out of the airport.
6) There were more than 300 fans surrounding SHINee that day, it took them much effort to get on the car to get to their hotel. Fans have already prepared cabs to follow the boys.


SHINee Appears and Countdowns
On February 13th, SHINee appeared at Tuen Mun to countdown with fans. Even though many people thought that Tuen Mun was very far, but as dedicated fans, they would go anywhere just to see their beloved idols. At the mall that day, all the floors were filled with fans, the largest ratio being SHINee fans. Once SHINee came out, they brightly greeted fans for the New Years.

Captions on the Right Pictures:
Onew: "Hong Kong's dimsum is very very yummy!!"
Jonghyun: "Really really thankful from you guys. We think that it's such an honour and delighted that we could come to Hong Kong"
Key: "Happy New Year. Thank You for the large amount of fans that welcomed us. We are very happy"

Key's Good English
Games would definitely be included on that day's events. Key voluntarily agreed to play first. He had to name 10 different types of fruits in English within the time frame, couldn't believe that Key's English was actually quite good! Not only was his pronunciation accurate, he knew a lot of fruit names too. At the end he event said "Gong Hei Fat Choi" and "Xin Nian Kuai Le" to try and pass the game, how spontaneous!

Captions in the Pictures:
1) Key was very confident at the start and blurted out a lot of fruit names in a flash.
2) Minho was such a good dongseng and accompanied Key? No, you're wrong, he was just holding onto the tube!

Onew's Strong Chinese New Year Greetings
When it was Onew's turn to play games, he had to use Chinese to say some Chinese New Year greetings. If he could not say all the greetings within the time period, the balloon would explode! As Onew was very scared of the popping balloon, he spoke super quickly. But the most surprising thing was that he actually knew how to read all of the greetings!! Even his pronunciation was so clear!! The MC couldn't help and asked whether he was from Hong Kong!? Onew definitely did some *homework* before hand right?

Captions in the Pictures:
Onew was super scared and kept moving but no one could save him. When the balloon exploded, he pretended to die!!

Fans Showing Love
Finally, it was time for fans' turn to play and the MC gave out a few simple questions, asking them why they like SHINee so much. But this fan seem like she was expressing her love towards them instead, she even said "Oppa, Saranghae" as well as "SHINee's Hello Baby". Jjang!

Captions in the Picture:
SHINee felt very happy from the fan's love. Key, like an appa, even tried touching the "pregnant" fan's tummy.

Taemin's Popping
Afterwards, in another game, fans had to race to see who could get the Laisee Pockets off their shirts the quickest. Before the game started, the group's best dancer Taemin taught everyone how to dance. Perhaps Taemin forgot that he was that good at dancing, Popping seems quite hard to get the Laisees off the shirt!? As the game started, Jonghyun saw that the fans were putting much effort to get the Laisees off, so him and Onew started to shake together. Onew even jumped highly and did a "Grasshopper" dance!!!

Captions in the Pictures:
1) & 2) Everyone knows that Taemin has such powerful moves, but then this time he really challenged fans. How could they even follow his steps?
3) Onew saw that Taemin's dance was so difficult so he couldn't help to give a hand and started dancing.

Powerful Dance SHINee
SHINee performed a total of 3 songs that day: "Replay", "Jojo" and "Ring Ding Dong". Even during their short song breaks, they never forgot to speak Cantonese to fans. SHINee learnt some Cantonese on the spot such as "I Love you guys", "You guys are so Pretty" and "Hong Kong has many pretty girls", but then this phrase was too long so SHINee didn't even know what they were saying and they kept blabbering.

Captions in the Pictures:
1) SHINee performed 3 songs with much effort, when fans saw them sweating they screamed even louder!
2) If you missed out the chance to see the boys this time, you won't know when you will be able to see them sing and dance live in front of you anytime soon.

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