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Who's in? Who's out? This week's Billboard Charts are here!

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What's new? BTS' "Butter" is No 1 for the 10th week, making it the 40th single in the history of the HOT 100 to stay at that spot for 10 weeks and more. Megan Thee Stallion is not mentioned on the HOT 100 because Billboard's rules for remixes require that a version make up more than 50% of the chart points to be credited (boooooo).

Hot 100:

  • BTS' "Butter" is No. 1 (No. 7 last week)

Billboard 200:

  • TXT's "The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE" is No. 26 (No. 8 last week)

  • BTS' "Map Of The Soul" is No. 128 (No. 123 last week - 80 weeks on the chart)

Global 200 Chart (only the first 100 here):

  • BTS featuring Megan Thee Stallion "Butter" is No. 3 (No. 14 last week)

  • BTS "Permission To Dance" is No. 27 (No.16 last week)

  • BTS' "Dynamite" is No. 47 (No. 34 last week)

Global excl. US Chart (only the first 100 here):

  • BTS featuring Megan Thee Stallion "Butter" is No. 3 (No. 9 last week)

  • BTS "Permission To Dance" is No. 10 (No. 8 last week)

  • "Dynamite" by BTS is No. 29 (No. 26 last week)

  • Stray Kids' "Thunderous" is No. 64 (No. 52 last week)

Artist 100 Chart:

  • No. 3 BTS (No. 2 last week)

  • No. 23 TXT (No. 4 last week)

Sources: Billboard.com 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5, billboard charts Twitter, BTS Official Twitter
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