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Batman's family adventures launched as original webtoon series

DC Comics and Naver have released a brand new, original webtoon series of "Batman" on the popular digital Webtoon platform, Thursday, as part of their partnership to introduce the unique universe and characters from the global entertainment titan's intellectual property in the form of webtoons, or digital comics published and read online.

The new Batman story, "Batman: Wayne Family Adventures," exists outside of the main DC Batman chronology. It takes a step back from the usual action-packed scenes in the city of Gotham and instead offers family dynamics and adventures within Wayne Manor between the Dark Knight and his "endless supply of adopted, fostered and biological superhero children," the synopsis reads.

The first three episodes are already live on Naver Webtoon's English and Spanish platforms, targeting American and European audiences, and will be made available in other languages, including Korean, soon. Each new chapter will be published every Thursday (local time).

The slice-of-life narrative revolving around Batman's struggles to become a father figure to a young group of vigilantes is expected to resonate with many DC Comics fans, as the series has already gained more than 350,000 subscribers in the less than two days since its release.

"Unlike the previous method of webtoonizing already published comics, this is our first attempt in the industry to release original webtoon content based on the universe and characters from the intellectual property (of a partner company)," Lee Shin-ok, who is in charge of Naver Webtoon's services in the United States, said in a statement.

source: WEBTOON & The Korea Times
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