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🥰 STAYC 🥰 updates

STAYC performed their b-side "I'll be there" on MDR's Studio 'It's Live, more than Kpop' series.

STAYC appeared on 'Yoo Hee Yeol's Sketchbook' and performed ASAP, Stereotype and Friends.

STAYC succeed at the random play dance on 'Weekly Idol' on their first ever try, perform an encore round and STEREOTYPE

STAYC "Mic on the SCENE" STEREOTYPE Live performance

Sources: STAYC_CHARTS, Mdromeda, KBS Kpop, The Seoul Story, ALL THE K-POP, 노래는 듣고 다니냐 NORAE-ing

Congratulations, STAYC! 🥳
These ladies are so busy! They update their youtube channel regularly, too. Their agency is promoting them so much! As their fan, I'm so happy they are doing so well. I highly recommend their live performances, too, they sing so well
Tags: charts, dance video/practice, fashion, nugu, weekly idol, when will your faves?, yoo hee yeols sketchbook

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