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#CH420 - Ji Suyeon ft. Kim Doyeon - 'Fly Away' (orig. Kwon Jin-Ah) + more

CH420 (blaze it) is Ji Suyeon's live band cover series on Weki Meki's youtube channel. She covers a wide range of genres, from ballads, to rock, to jazz, to other idol songs. The name comes from Suyeon's birthday, 20th April. As the main vocal of Weki Meki she does of course get opportunities to show her skills through their songs, but through this series she gets to showcase her amazing versality too.

Check under the cut her covers over the last year!

Why Don't We - Fallin

Kwon Jin-Ah = You Already Have

BLACKPINK - Lovesick Girls

EXO - What I Want For Christmas

Cloud - Mafia

source: Weki Meki (2, 3, 4, 5, 6)

omona, do any of your faves have a vocal cover series you'd recommend?
Tags: cover, weki meki

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