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SF9 (ft. Sale Fanatics 9) Youtube roundup

SepCenter episode 11: bouldering & spanking

Inseong vlog: Redbook's final performance ft. Jaeyoon

Legendary Trainee with SNSD's Sunny

SuperFinger 9
Hwiyoung and Jaeyoon continue their quest to promote small businesses and bicker along the way.

Episode 2 - presenting

[This episode gave us finally a funny sf9 meme]

Episode 3 - cooking & bench-making

Inseong as a Korean tutor for Koki entertainment

Bullabang: Inseong with actress Han Chaeyoung
In this series Han Chaeyoung and Inseong do consumer research for small business (? idk business).

Episode 0

Episode 1

Episode 1 behind the scenes

Source: Funggo Studio 1, 2, hwiyounger on twt, AllTheKpop, SF9 Youtube 1, 2, Koki Ent, Bullabang 1, 2, 3

Maybe it's because FNC isn't doing well financially but they're doing so many activities atm I cannot imagine them not being overworked tbh

Tags: sf9, sunny, variety show

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