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[BLIND ITEM; TW: DRUGS] Top celebrities K and D under investigation for drugs + Amy arrested again

Broadcaster Amy has been arrested again for abusing drugs.

Amy's arrest is becoming a hot topic again as this is the third time she has been arrested for tampering with drugs. She was also the first celebrity propofol abuse case in 2012.

Amy received two year's probation in 2013 for abusing propofol and Seoul Central District Prosecutor's Office took over the case from Chuncheon District Prosecutor's Office and expanded the investigation. As a result of investigations, they discovered more celebrities and sports stars were involved with drugs.

The drug dealer that brokered drugs for the hospital was an imported car dealer Lee and celebrities who were close with Lee administered propofol at X hospital.

Among celebrities under suspicion of injecting drugs were Wheesung, top singer K, famous composer D, athlete S and broadcaster H. However, their names were never revealed in the media.

Wheesung was later acquitted for abusing propofol in 2013 however he was embroiled in drug abuse again last year and underwent trial. Wheesung and Amy's long-standing friendship broke down when they got involved in drugs together.

Meanwhile, a former Chuncheon District prosecutor A who first investigated Amy, became lovers with Amy after she was released. In 2014, he blackmailed a hospital director from the plastic surgery department over side effects of Amy's surgery.

Source: Naver via Daily Naver, @dailynaver
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