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Monsta X Roundup - photoshoots, performances, varieties

I.M for Dazed Korea

damn right that one goes above the cut

[Dazed never seems to upload full shoots online so I hope fanscans will do]

Yet more Minhyuk x Champion

Jooheon x SPAO

Performing "One Day" on MTV Fresh Out Live

Kihyun covers "Little Bit of Love" by Tom Grennan

Behind the scenes @ the 'WE ARE ALL ONE' K-POP CONCERT
MX participated in the concert held in support of the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics, performing "Gambler" and "Secrets,"
as well as "Love Killa" and "Stand Up" in new five-person formations.


Roleplaying as Monbebes

G Market CEO & salaryman

probably my favorite episode yet <3

Superstar Jae Galmuyeol and his new manager in a crossover w/ Vogue Ship-show

The return of The Return of Superman

Staff phone-cam of MX filming the ROS spinoff Rockstone Party

Deleted scenes from Minhyuk & Jooheon w/ the Yoon family

Preview of Universe's SSAP-Dance

Universe dropped a preview of MX's version of the app's ongoing original series

I feel a little guilty abt how hard I laughed, bless our hardworking old men 🥲

Sources: Dazed Korea, @im_ddingkka, Champion Korea IG 1 2 3 4, joohoneywalker, MTV, MONSTA X 1 2, INSSAOPPA G 1 2 3, 슈돌 1 2, UNIVERSE_OFFICIAL

Whew finally getting this out, now bring on the next round of promos lol
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