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Heo Yi-jae reveals she retired because married actor A slapped her after she refused his proposition


Actress Heo Yi-jae has revealed testimony why she retired from entertainment industry.

On the 10th, former Crayon Pop member Way uploaded a video on her YouTube channel 'WayLand' titled, "The reality of an actress that was slapped, dragged, and insulted by a shameless actor..."

In the video, Heo Yi-jae recalled the time she was active as an actress and stated, "A certain married actor was reason why I decided to suddenly retire. He and I were co-stars on a drama and got along well at first but one day he said, "Why don't you contact your oppa on your day's off?" I innocently replied, "we're meeting over 20 hours everyday to work on the drama so there's no time to contact each other." He didn't say anything but his expression changed and he replied, "Is she really pretending not to know or does she really not know?"

"After that, things changed. He'd swear and curse me on set daily and say, "Hey! You f***** b****."

Way was in shock and asked, "Is he still active?" and Yi-jae replied, "Yes. He's doing very well."

Yi-jae continued, "One day, while filming on set, it was a scene that didn't include me. He was annoyed because he couldn't get into character and express his emotions properly . He yelled "f***, I can't do this!!," and got up and left. The director couldn't say anything because this was his debut production so the staff weren't able to do anything."

"Later, he called up the CP (Chief Producer) and said he was stressed because of me. The director called me separately (in another room) and asked me, "why do you think he's swearing at you and bothering you whenever there's an emotional scene?" I told him "I don't know" and he said, "He's looking at you sexually but you're not responding so he tried knocking you down by force by terrorizing you." I said, "that can't be true. I don't believe it."

"I went and knocked at the male actor's waiting room and as soon as I went in, his voice was soft and calm. He said to me, "Yi Jae-ah, do you know what people say when watching our drama? They say you and I don't seem to be in a relationship." And I said, "really? I'm sorry, I'll try harder." Then suddenly he said, "Do you know what we need to do to become a real couple?" I replied, "I don't know." He said, "We need to sleep together." I was in shock and couldn't say anything. So he asked, "You don't want to do that?" I replied, "no."

"After that, he got even more angry and started yelling and throwing things and said, "Then do well, you b****. I can't focus on acting because of you, you f***ing b****" and kept cursing me. Because of that, I went into mental break down and no one came to my aid. After that I decided to retire."

Meanwhile, Heo Yi-jae became popular by appearing on movie 'Sunflower.' She has since appeared on a number of films and dramas including 'You Are a Gift', 'Single Dad in Love' and 'Goong S.'

Alleged married actor A that sexually abused Heo Yi-jae denies all claims

Netizens are urging actress Heo Yi-jae to reveal the identity of married actor A that sexually abused.

On the 10th, Heo Yi-jae appeared on Crayon Pop Way's YouTube and revealed that she was sexually abused by a married actor A who demanded sex. When she refused, the actor's attitude towards her changed and he insulted her on set every day and called her names. Afterwards, Heo Yi-jae decided to retire from the entertainment industry after last episode of SBS drama 'You're a Gift' aired in 2016.

After her revelations, netizens began hunting for "married male actor" that appeared on drama with Heo Yi-jae and eventually narrowed it down to actor A. However, according to Chosun Ilbo coverage, A vehemently denied Heo Yi-jae's claims.

As the criticism of A continued, Heo Yi-jae posted a statement through Way's channel and stated, "I didn't intend for anyone to get hate and malicious comments. Please refrain from witch hunt."

However, netizens including former entertainment reporter and YouTuber Lee Jin-ho are asking Heo Yi-jae to take responsibility and reveal actor A's real name. Lee Jin-ho stated, "I'm not saying I don't believe her claims but she needs to take responsibility for her words. She knew her testimony gave clear hints and numerous clues on who the actor would be. In this situation, there's absolutely no reason not to disclose who the abuser is."

"It's irresponsible for her to reveal everything on her own like this and then ask netizens not to witch-hunt. She needs to reveal his name so that the right perpetrator is held accountable."

Source: @dailynaver, Naver (1, 2) via Daily Naver (1, 2)
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