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After School's Lizzy under controversy for her drunk driving apology comments on IG Live

Afterschool Lizzy (Park Soo-young)'s apology comments are causing anger among netizens.

On the morning of 14th, Lizzy conducted a live broadcast on Instagram and apologized in tears over drunk driving accident. She stated, "I'm sorry for disappointing you. I wanted to write it [the apology] but I couldn't get myself to write anything down. Now my life is over. It's true that I let you down."

"But the victim wasn't hurt that much and the articles still came out like that. Now people are telling me to die. I'm having a difficult time."

"There are so many people talking about making an extreme choice (suicide). I was very wrong, I'm sorry. I'm really regretful about what I did. I know I was wrong so I tried not to do any live broadcasts."

After the broadcast ended, netizens criticized Lizzy for her comments writing, "Why are you talking about the victim when you're the one that made a mistake?" "Is the problem the extent of his injuries?" "Drunk driving in itself is attempted murder" "Did you think since the driver (victim) wasn't seriously injured your faults decrease?" "Is that it?"

Not only that, but a series of comments saying "her apology lacks sincerity" are getting shared in online communities after the live broadcast.

Meanwhile, Lizzy collided with a taxi near the intersection at the southern end of Yeongdongdaegyo Bridge in Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam around 10:12 pm on May 18th. At the time, her blood alcohol level exceeded .08%, which was at the level of license cancellation.

Lizzy admitted to the drunk driving and the driver was revealed to have received minor injuries.

Her first trial is scheduled for the 27th.

Source: Naver via Daily Naver
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