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Lee Gaeun celebrates her 2nd youtube anniversary with a 2-part Q&A about her career

In the first part, Kaeun talks about her trainee days (warning for talk of weight loss/implied disordered eating, 0:57-2:11), her fears and newfound anxiety on Produce 48, and what made her happy while promoting as an idol.

In the secondpart, Kaeun talks about debuting with After School, idol styling, whether she would have liked to be in Orange Caramel (note: kaeun was sometimes used as a sub for nana for non-singing promotional activities, though she never actually performed in nana's place), and her hopes for her acting career.

source: Lee Ga Eun

this year gaeun has done two dramas (high class, nara's marvelous days) after making her proper acting debut in the film motelier last year, so here's hoping that this career sticks for her <3
Tags: after school, ex-group members, interview, produce 101 alumni

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